About seven in 10 Americans believe Tuesday’s election is the most important one of their lifetimes, according to a recent YouGov poll. We don’t have a similar poll for private equity pros, but there’s no doubt the outcome of this election could have a major impact on the industry. In just one example, if Democrats win the presidency and the Senate, PE’s longtime dream of accessing billions of dollars in 401(k)s would be in jeopardy, industry sources say. What else is on the table? Read our coverage below.

What private equity should watch for in Biden’s first 100 days

The November election’s delivery of President-elect Biden and a narrowly split Congress is comforting news for many in private equity who prefer divided government to a blue wave.

Gray: Blackstone ready for ‘blue wave’ in next week’s US election

Should the Democrats sweep the White House and Congress, Blackstone's president and COO says infrastructure spending and funding for cities could offset other headwinds.

Analysis: Private equity in 401(k) plans could be vulnerable in Democratic sweep

Under a “blue wave” scenario, progressive politicians like Sen. Elizabeth Warren would have more power to target aspects of the financial system they have consistently criticized, including private equity.

GP stakes investing to rise with prospect of big Democratic election win

PE firms negotiating GP stakes deals are concerned about bump-ups in top individual income and capital gains tax rates, sources told Buyouts.

Private equity looks to shore up Capitol Hill allies in 2020 election

Keeping the Republican Party in charge of the Senate is seen as critical for the PE industry in light of a recent push from progressives to go after the industry.

Private equity bets on powerful Democrat in key role on carried interest tax

The industry has long struggled to hold off efforts, mostly by Democrats but supported even by President Donald Trump, to tax carried interest at the higher ordinary income rate, rather than as capital gains.

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