32,000 and Counting…

Every time the PE Week Wire adds another thousand subscribers, I like to remind you that these morning missives are just appetizers on our editorial menu. Yes, its they are free appetizers (happy hour apps, if you will), but paid subscribers toBuyouts Magazine, Private Equity Week or Venture Capital Journalget market news and analysis that cant be found anywhere else. Deal news, fund news, market trends, investor profiles and more are just a corporate credit card charge away.

So send salesmaestro Robert Mills an email for subscription info. For those wanting to advertise in any ofour publications – including the PE Week Wire – please contact Scott McNeill.

Oh, if youre wondering why theheadline tally says 32,000 rather than 35,000: We recently purged 3,000 old/invalid/etc. email addresses from our virtual rolls. It was the right thing to do from in terms of both accuracy and cost (its all about balance). If you ever change jobs and need to alter your email address, just hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the Wire, and then sign back up here with your new info.

As always, thanks for reading.