AlpInvest spins out Taros Capital

The buyout team of AlpInvest Partners is to become independent as of 1 January 2006 and will go by the name of Taros Capital. The new group will continue the management of AlpInvest’s mid-market buyout investments, which has around €550m under management and investments such as Raet, Delft Instruments and Sunweb in The Netherlands, Taminco in Belgium and Novem in Germany.

With a €20bn commitment to private equity, AlpInvest is Europe’s largest private equity investor. The decision was made to spin-out the mid-market buyout team to enable AlpInvest and Taros Capital to concentrate on their own areas of expertise. This will create a clearer positioning for both entities. AlpInvest will have more opportunities to broaden its portfolio in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, while Taros Capital, if desirable, can now attract third party investors.

After January 1, 2006, AlpInvest will focus on primary and secondary fund investments, co- investments and mezzanine worldwide, where the main part of the current mandate is invested. AlpInvest will remain active in direct investments through its co-investment activity such as its investments in Vendex, AA, GNC and Nycomed.

Taros Capital, will continue to focus on lead buyout investments in mid-sized companies headquartered in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Of the €550m capital under management, a considerable amount is available for new investments.

The four managing partners of Taros Capital are: Alexander van Wassenaer, Paul Lamers, Jan Moulijn and Christian Bächle.

Alexander van Wassenaer, said: “Over the past few years, the German and Benelux buyout market has become more mature resulting in an increasing deal flow. We are in an excellent position to pursue these opportunities pro-actively, jointly with company owners and managers.”

The entire buyout team will move to the new company, which will have branches in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Frankfurt.