AngelBourse appts 4

Angel investor network AngelBourse has made four new appointments. Azim Karimjee has been appointed head of partner development and is in this role he will work with approved intermediaries, such as accountants and lawyers, fund managers, corporate financiers and other investment networks. He will support their access to SMEs seeking finance in the UK while enabling them to raise funds on behalf of their corporate clients through AngelBourse’s network of around 2,500 high net worth investors.

Karimjee worked as a strategy consultant at Bain & Company before joining Bass plc, where he worked at both corporate and divisional level in business development. More recently he has worked in M&A for smaller companies and has been an entrepreneur and a private investor.

Patrick Benham-Crosswell, Mehrdad Ghodoussi and Ben Whitfield have all been named as relationship managers, which will see them liaise between investor members of AngelBourse and companies raising funds, to ensure that investors are matched with the opportunities most likely to interest them.