Back in the Saddle

I have spent the past two weeks in legitimate vacation mode, during which time I checked email or voicemail messages only when I tired of playing Madden or eating a variety of BBQ-grilled foods. What this means, of course, is that I have only a passing knowledge of what has happened in the private equity markets, save for some eye-poppers like Clearwire raising the largest venture capital deal in history (it fits the basic definition, despite its size), and New Enterprise Associates raising the largest venture capital fund in history (ditto).

So while I spend today catching up, Id like to thank those who took care of the news in my absence — Ken MacFadyen, Matthew Sheahan, Mark Cecil and Ari Nathanson and those who provided guest columns: Charley Lax, Bart Schachter, Paul Kedrosky, Kelly DePonte, Andrew Ross Sorkin and Om Malik. In the meantime

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