Benchmark backs oDesk

oDesk, a startup working to make software outsourcing easier, attracted Benchmark Capital to its $8 million Series B financing, regulatory filings show.

The startup acts as a marketplace for other software companies looking to hire computer programers to develop their products. oDesk connects the companies with competent software engineers, which may be remotely monitored via webcam and paid for the work they complete. The company could help individual programmers get work and allows companies to pay the programmers by the hour instead of by the project, making it easier to split large projects across multiple workers.

oDesk raised $2 million in the first tranche of its Series A round in 2004 and closed $4 million for its second tranche in March 2005 from Globespan Capital Partners and Sigma Partners 6.

Kevin Harvey is representing Benchmark on the investment but was not immediately available for comment.