BVCA focuses on energy

The BVCA has launched an Energy Environment and Technology Group that will consist of 12 industry practitioners.

The newly launched group will aim to provide guidance and advice to government, investors, and companies that are active in the renewable energy and clean technology sectors.

The Group’s dozen members include Pat Burtis of Amadeus Capital Partners, Jamie Kiggen of Blackstone Cleantech Venture Partners, Jonathan Dryers of CT Investment Partners, Donald Fitzmaurice of ePlanet Ventures, Peter Horsburgh of ETF, George Coelho of Good Energies, Tom Murley, of HgCapital, Peter Rossbach of Impax, Ben Moxham of Riverstone Holdings, David Sneddon of SEP, Shai Weiss of Virgin and James McNaught Davis of Wheb.

The members’ experience includes renewable energies and clean technologies, ranging from early stage seed capital and technology development, to later stage venture, private equity and infrastructure investments in renewable power generation.

Chairman of the Energy, Environment and Technology Group, Tom Murley said: “The Group will bring strategic direction and years of experience to the BVCA’s efforts to educate investors and government on cleantech and renewable energy investment opportunities and fundamentals.”