Calling all job-seekers

The job service is currently only offering positions in companies in which Wellington is invested, be they account and sales managers, Java developers and systems administrators.

“Our investments are growing fast, which means they constantly have a strong demand for qualified people. With our new job search option, we are enhancing transparency for numerous exciting job offerings and new challenges,” said Sabine Scherer, head of human resources at Wellington.

VentureLoop was founded in 1999 and is used in the US by the likes of Benchmark Capital, Index Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins, and currently advertise just over 4,500 vacancies.

Wellington will be hoping to address one of the common gripes about the European venture capital scene, the lack of managerial expertise. In the US, VentureLoop CEO Jeremy McCarthy was accrediting his product’s success this year to the same problem.

“Portfolio companies are telling their venture investors that they can’t find the talent needed to grow, and the venture capital firms are turning to us for help,” he said. “A strong economy and competition for talent from established technology firms have created a very tight market, so venture capital firms enlist VentureLoop to provide the products and services that help their portfolio companies find the employees they desperately need.”