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Callserve eyes leadership in IP telephony

Founded in 1999 to provide the first Europe-based commercial Internet telephony service, Callserve launched its full-scale infrastructure in July of this year. Now, supported by an GBP8.25 million second funding round, the company plans to accelerate the roll-out of its international infrastructure and marketing plan with a view to turning cash flow positive by July 2001.

Cazenove Private Equity, which backed Callserve in its first round, has re-invested in the company; other second-round participants include Jupiter International Group, TH Lee Putnam Internet Partners (THLi) and The eVestment Company plc.

At the start of this year, Callserve projected that four million people would have access to free software enabling use of the company’s IP protocol phone service by late 2001. However, thanks to contracts signed with WorldOnline, Packard Bell, NEC, Amitech, Netasia, Net4Nowt, BVRP, Ora Creative, GoTo, WebPlanet, Future and other groups, Callserve now expects as many as 35 million potential users will be able to access its services by the end of next year. Callserve’s business partners can provide own brand IP phones to Callserve customers and exploit the company’s infrastructure and software to extend their brands and provide value-added services to their online customers.

This reach positions Callserve as the leading European player in Internet telephony. “Callserve includes all the necessary components to become the industry standard for Internet telephony solutions in Europe. Its seasoned management team is well ahead of the field with its experience in the Internet telecommunications market and has developed technology to address the challenges companies in the industry face,” comments THLi managing director Sharon Pipe.