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CalSTRS PE portfolio manager Winter retires

PE Director Margot Wirth praised Winter for helping CalSTRS transition from a mostly outsourced PE program to one that is “strongly staff-driven.”

California State Teachers’ Retirement System chief investment officer Christopher Ailman announced at the recent board meeting that longtime private equity portfolio manager Deanna Winter retired.

“I’ve known Deanna my whole career, she’s been fantastic,” Ailman said.

Private equity director Margot Wirth said Winter’s co-workers described her as “earnest, reliable, friendly and upbeat.”

Wirth praised the “continuity and longevity” of CalSTRS’ private equity staff.

“Deanna Winter was among a handful of staff who joined the PE program 20 years ago as the department was transforming from one based mostly on outsourcing, or in large part on outsourcing, to one that’s strongly staff-driven,” Wirth said. “Over those 20 years, Deanna and the remaining team members from her cohort have been involved in over 500 private equity commitments totaling $65 billion. That’s a lot in this industry.”

“I’m sure the rest of CalSTRS joins me in wishing her well in retirement and thanking her for all of her many contributions to the teachers’ retirement system,” Wirth added.

The system is hiring more private equity staff to focus on its growing private equity program, as Buyouts reported. As of August 31, the pension was valued at $262 billion.

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