Damn Yankees! VC Wins Cigar Bet

Excuse Stuart Ellman of RRE Ventures if he’s wearing a big fat grin these days. Not only did his beloved New York Yankees advance to the World Series last week, but he’s due to get plenty of fine stogies to enjoy as a result.

The New Yorker is a diehard Yankee fan, so he placed a number of bets with several of his counterpart VCs in Boston – including Charles Lax of GrandBanks – over who would win the American League Championship Series, the Yankees or the Boston Red Sox. At stake was a box of “overpriced” cigars.

Ellman said, prior to the Yankees winning the AL pennant over the Red Sox, that he made a number of these bets, and he said that almost all of the Boston VCs he knows are rabid Red Sox fans. Having beaten them, Ellman is no doubt now looking in his Rolodex to see who he knows in Florida, home of the Yankees’ World Series opponent, the Florida Marlins.