Done deals, week of Nov. 9, 2009

GenTek Inc.

Acquirer: American Securities

Rank Value: $538.8M

Target Description: Makes industrial components for the automotive, residential and construction industries, and performance chemicals for the pharmaceutical and personal markets.

Spartech Corp.’s Wheels Business

Acquirer: Management-led investor group backed by Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners

Rank Value: $34.5M

Target Description: The wheels business makes PVC tire and plastic wheel assemblies used for lawn & garden and medical markets.

SSG Innovations’s ExpressYard

Acquirer: The Carlyle Group and Railcar Management Inc.

Rank Value: NA

Target Description: Develops railroad software used in repair facilities across the U.S.

McNEIL-PPC Inc.’s Brands Portfolio

Acquirer: Charlesbank Capital Partners

Rank Value: NA

Target Description: The portfolio consists of five over-the-counter consumer products, such as denture cleaner; throat lozenges, and cough and cold medicines.

A Rohe Holding GmbH’s branches in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary

Acquirer: Dresser Wayne Inc.

Rank Value: NA

Target Description: Owns and operates gas stations.

Notes: Dresser Wayne Inc. is owned b y First Reserve Corp.

Nypro Inc.’s Operating Assets in Chihuahua, Maxico

Acquirer: FPG Mexico S. dR.L. de C.V.

Rank Value: NA

Target Description: Operating assets of an injection-molded plastics and plastics products maker

Notes: FPG Mexico is owned by Monomoy Capital Partners

MyPrint Corp.

Acquirer: Triton Pacific Capital Partners

Rank Value: NA

Target Description: Involved in development and administration of print related program which includes Web-based solutions, state-of-the-art print manufacturing, direct mail services, fulfillment, distribution and inventory management.