Draper Nephews Profiled

Nick Paumgarten of The New Yorker Magazine profiled Nat and Alex Wolff, the stars of The Naked Brothers Band movie and nephews of venture capitalist Tim Draper. Alex and Nat play pre-teen rockers in a movie written by Polly Draper, Tims Sister and former star of the TV show “Thirtysomething” where she played Ellyn Warren.

Tim makes an appearance in the film as Principal Joe Schmoke. Its worth seeing the movie just to hear him yell: “We got an accordion! We got punch! Lets partyyyyyy!”

Subscribers to VCJ may remember our report on Drapers silver screen debut from the People page of the May 2006 issue. Draper said he got a chance to meet Tony Shalhoub, star of the TV series “Monk” during the filming but didn’t meet Uma Thurman, who also makes an appearance in the film. Too bad.