Duke Street Iberian appts

Duke Street Capital’s launch of Iberduke Capital Partners see PE news this issue has necessitated extra staffing. The new joiners are Robert Warfield, who will lead the local management team for Iberduke and will be supported by Margarita Garcia. They will both have equity positions in the company.

Antonio Regalado and Miguel Gimenez of Altavia, also an equity holder in Iberduke, will support the core team in origination and transaction execution. The Spanish desk at Duke Street Capital, Patrick Maxwell, director, and Colin Curvey, associate director, will be highly involved in all aspects of Iberduke’s activities.

Warfield is managing director of Iberduke. From 1998-2001 he was managing director of Ibersuizas, where he oversaw investments in the diversified industrials, waste and environment sectors. Before joining Iberduke, Garcia was a private equity analyst at Ibersuizas. Prior to that she worked in the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs.

Regalado is a co-founder of Altava, a Madrid-based corporate finance boutique and direct investments firm. Prior to the creation of Altava in 1999, his previous roles included head of acquisitions at Larios, the Spanish drinks company, and director general of Inveralia, an associated investment company with over EURO100 million under management.

Gimenez is a fellow co-founder of Altava. From 1997, he was the head of expansion and development at Grupo Osuna, an industrial conglomerate with assets of over EURO300 million. He joined Grupo Osuna in 1984.