Earlybird sells Identify Software

BMC Software, a US IT solutions business, has agreed to buy Identify Software, a VC-backed Israeli-based provider of application problem resolution software, for US$150m (€124m.)

VCs that own stakes in the company include Earlybird, Evergreen Partners, Formula Ventures, Infinity Funds, Intel, Mofet, NIF Ventures, Star Ventures, UBS and Vertex Venture Capital.

It received its first venture investment in April 2000, in a pre-seed round from Earlybird and Nippon Investment and Finance (NIF), and in its last amount of funding in February 2004, it raised US$15m (€12m) in a round led by Star and Evergreen. It also received US$5m from Plenus Venture Lending Fund early in 2005 when the fund extended a credit line it provided Identify with in 2002.