Editor’s Note

Dear Reader,

There is no doubt that cleantech investing is a trend that will continue for many years to come especially if the US government launches a carbon cap scheme. But what is cleantech? Compiling this report we found that cleantech means many things to many people. For some venture capitalists it is about investing in technology. For many it is about renewable energy and infrastructure-style investments. Private equity players take a wide definition of cleantech and so did we in this report.

We used journalists from the UAE to the USA and every European destination in between to discover trends and interview the most important innovators in this sector. This is the first time that EVCJ and our San Francisco-based sister title VCJ have done a joint supplement but it is our house view that this topic needed to reach the widest possible audience.

I have enjoyed working with the professional writers and editors at VCJ and would like to personally thank VCJ’s managing editor Alastair Goldfisher for all his help and support. You will not see Alastair’s by-line in this report but between the lines of many of these stories you will hear his voice.

I hope that you enjoy reading this report as much as I did writing and editing it.


Amanda Williams Palmer

Executive Editor, EVCJ