Email of the Day

In a nifty piece of sports analogizing, reader Jason Sowers submits the following outlook on 2007:

Tom Brady He is always great but never fancy, backbone of the team, pro bowler every year ( or should be)

Trend: This is easy, RSS. Although RSS clearly had a huge 2006, I think 2007 will be when people stop using RSS and start “integrating” RSS into their lives.Most people have figured out what RSS is but they are just starting to understand how this new standard can make their lives better.

Eli Manning He hit the scene with big hype, demands trades, but ultimately has extraordinarily little to no impact.

Trend: Mobile Video.Video on your phone is certainly cool and I am slightly interested, but of the 50 or so people I have talked to only one has indicated they would actually use it on a regular basis.

Tony Romo The big surprise of the year.

Trend: Although this might sound strange, I believe 2007 is the year when style and design really takes off. Granted, this is not a new subject as certain companies have built their model around this concept, but I still believe 2007 will bring a new consumer perspective to technology. From hardware to software, much like when people buy a car, how the technology looks will be as important as what it does.