Esser joins General Atlantic Partners

Klaus Esser, former chairman of the executive board of Mannesmann, has joined General Atlantic Partners as a partner. A respected European executive, particularly in the telecommunications industry, Esser will spearhead the private equity firm’s overall global telecommunications investment strategy and will also play a significant leadership role for the firm in Europe. He will be based in Germany where General Atlantic is planning to open an office in early 2001. The firm currently has 12 partners and more than 100 employees in the US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Esser will also become chairman of the supervisory board of Apollis AG. Munich-based Apollis is an independent company that General Atlantic established earlier this year to create, develop, support and acquire businesses that are focused on wireless-enabled applications and solutions for business customers.

Sir Alan Rudge and Howard Finkelstein have recently joined the firm as special advisors. Rudge is the former deputy chief executive of British Telecommunications and is currently chairman of WS Atkins.

Finkelstein is the former vice chairman and president of Metromedia Fiber Network. He will be based in the US and will be actively involved in assisting General Atlantic in identifying and pursuing broadband software and service investment opportunities and working with the firm’s portfolio companies.