ET joins forces with Seed Capital to back Astron Clinica.

Investee Company – Astron Clinica

Investee Company Country – United Kingdom

Investee Company Business Type – Develops methods for detecting medical imbalances in the skin

Type of Financing – Equity

Equity Providers – ET Capital (£400,000), Seed Capital ltd (£250,000).

Equity Leader (Individual) – James Mallinson ( ET Capital)

Debt Providers – No Debt was provided

Debt Type – N/A

Debt Leader (Individual) – N/A

Equity Amount – £650,000

Total Deal Value – £650,000

Other Advisors – No advisors

Comments – Astron Clinica have developed a product specifically designed to detect skin cancers. The system, SIAscope, rests on the surface of the skin and shines in light at harmless frequencies. The frequencies are able to detect any variations in the skin thus being able to diagnose if the patient is suffering from skin cancer. The diagnosis is then produced on the screen of the machine to enable the doctor to show and explain to the patient what they may or may not be suffering from.Mike Cane, managing director of Astron Clinica has been quoted as saying ” SIA technology means earlier and more accurate diagnosis of potentially life threatening skin cancer, helping patients and reducing overall costs.” Thanks to this latest round of investment the company is now able to implement its international expansion and development plans. Lead individual of ET Capital, James Mallinson, has expressed his expectations now that they are involved stating, ” We believe Astron Clinica is set to become a world class business based on its first class technology and its excellent management team.