European Venture Philanthropy Association founded

A group of prominent European venture capitalists have founded the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) to apply skills developed in the VC industry to the charity sector. Through hands-on support to charities the association aims to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

“Through the EVPA the opportunity is now there to show VC’s care about their communities and the world at large. The association will promote the development of venture philanthropy throughout the European market working with local initiatives in the various countries,” says placement agent Doug Miller, one of the founders.

EVPA aims to ensure the provision of flexible long-term funding for charities’ infrastructure, increase the flow of donations by building donor confidence and enable donors to maximise the social return on their investment. It intends to help raise standards across the charity sector by providing role models in organisation and governance and by the application of investment disciplines and accountability.

EVPA will develop projects based around training, international co-operation, fund raising and other topics of mutual interest.

The venture philosophy concept was developed in the US and EVPA hopes to replicate the success of groups there. Social Venture Partners, founded in Seattle six years ago, now has affiliates in 23 US cities.

The founding group comprises Michiel de Haan of Atlas Ventures, Luciano Balbo of B&S Electra, Stephen Dawson of ECI Ventures, Serge Raicher of Pantheon Ventures and Douglas Miller of International Private Equity. Other individuals or groups who are interested in venture philanthropy and want to get involved should contact Doug Miller on +44 (0) 1932 821 123 or