EVCA appoints VC chairman

Managing partner and co-founder of Early Bird Venture Capital, Hendrik Brandis, has been appointed chairman of the Venture Platform of EVCA.

Brandis will be taking over from Patrick Sheehan of ETF following changes to the association’s structure and governance model.

As part of his new role, Brandis is aiming to ramp up support for European venture fundraising as well as create higher quality services to EVCA’s members.

His strategy involves improving the global LP outreach programme and presenting a Whitepaper in February to the EU institutions to make a case for European venture.

Brandis, a co-founder of GMM, a group of private investors focusing on buyouts of mid-sized companies, is an experienced entrepreneur and currently sits on the board of Earlybird’s portfolio companies conject, Mikini Media, Music Networx and nfon.

Previously, he was a partner with McKinsey & Co. where he helped create McKinsey New Venture.