Finvest handed US$2.5bn

Swiss fund manager Finvest Asset Management has won a US$2.5bn mandate from a single, unnamed investor for investment in private equity.

The initiative will be targeting listed companies in Europe and North America, investing in between 25 and 100 companies, with an investment range of between US$10m and US$250m.

Due to the size of the mandate, the investment strategy will be focused on companies with a market capitalization of above US$200m, although Fininvest did say it would not rule out investing in smaller businesses.

Finvest portfolio strategist Mayer Greenwald spells out the investment approach in the light of the economic difficulties: “While we are not looking to cut corners on due diligence, we are looking to fast track the allocation process, so that we can take advantage of a market which has been beaten to shreds.

“We do not have an agenda to take control or necessarily secure a controlling interest in the firm. We typically would base an interest in a company on the fact that management know what they are doing, and understand their area of endeavor better than others. Our philosophy is to provide company management with additional capital, and give them the opportunity to continue running with the ball. Obviously, we appreciate regular feedback on progress or challenges which are being faced in the industry.”