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Footing The Bill

Carlyle Group LLC was the top spender at $103 million. JP Morgan led financial advisers, collecting $142 million.

Carlyle was also the top financial sponsor in the period’s second most active sector for the year to date. Fees paid to advisers for deals in the financial industry grew 15 percent to $1.19 billion from a year earlier. Carlyle accounted for $104.5 million of the total. Bank of America Merrill Lynch collected $105.3 million, the highest within the sector.

As measured by percentage change, the energy, power and commodities industry posted the largest gain. It rose 91 percent to $821.2 million from a year earlier. Goldman Sachs Capital Partners was the top spender ($96.9 million) and Morgan Stanley the top earner ($102.6 million).

Freeman & Co. generated the fees data in conjunction with Buyouts magazine’s publisher, Thomson Reuters. The data comprised 266 deals in all size ranges, and the transactions had a combined disclosed enterprise value of $106.1 billion. The count included 85 deals with undisclosed valuation.

For those with known values, the two most active groups by numbers of deals were the $100 million-to-$250 million range with 57 deals and the $500 million-to-$1 billion range with 39 transactions.

The $500 million-to-$1 billion range generated the most fees. It accounted for about $26.9 billion of the 266 transactions’ total disclosed enterprise value. RBC Capital Markets had the biggest share of this pie (13 percent) followed by Deutsche Bank AG (7 percent). As for total advisory fees paid, the $500 million-to-$1 billion segment had the largest market share. It accounted for $213.4 million of the $767 million total.