Get Your Employee Compensation Data Here!

Thomson Reuters, publisher of Buyouts Magazine and Venture Capital Journal, knows how valuable top-drawer private equity and venture capital data is to you and your firm!

This year, Thomson Reuters has teamed up with Holt Compensation Consultants, London-based PE compensation consultancy MM&K, and New York-based hedge fund and PE compensation consultancy Grahall LLC to develop the most robust set of PE, VC and hedge fund employee compensation data ever gathered.

We need your help to do it—and we want to make it worth your time by giving you, in return for your data, a valuable executive summary and the chance to buy the full report (either the North American/Asia Pacific version or UK/European version) for half off the cover price of $3,000 when published this fall. Upon sending in your data, Buyouts Editor-in-Charge David M. Toll will also send you a complimentary copy of results from the Thomson Reuters 2010 PE/VC employee compensation survey and the executive summary from last year’s Holt-MM&K-Grahall report.

To participate this year, simply click on the link at right to download the two-part survey, or email me at if you have any trouble with the download. The right-most tab is an order form that you can use to pre-purchase the study.

More about our compensation study:

–It is designed to be filled out by CFOs/COOs/HR executives on behalf of all of the employees at their firms;

–The deadline to complete the survey has been extended to Friday, July 15;

–Our partner, Holt Compensation Consultants, has been conducting annual PE/VC compensation surveys since 2002, ensuring that our report will fully reflect 10 year’s worth of industry trends;

–The study will present aggregate statistics only, so no one but the publishers will see the underlying data (and we do not ask for individual names);

–We plan to present results, broken down by assets under management and location, for LBO/growth equity funds, venture capital funds, corporate venture, funds of funds, co-investment funds, infrastructure funds and mezzanine funds, of all sizes, located around the world.

Thomson Reuters and Holt Compensation Consultants would like to count you in! If you have any questions about the survey or this year’s study, please contact me at Send the completed survey to me at