Google wireless exec in rumored venture arm

Google Inc. may have tipped its hand that a new venture capital arm is in the works and that one of its senior wireless executives will join the team.

The venture capital arm has been rumored, but Google has yet to make an announcement.

However, at an event for venture capitalists showcasing Web-relared startups last week, a Reuters reporter spotted a name tag on a table identifying Rich Miner as being affiliated with Google Ventures.

Miner, who is listed as Google’s vice president for mobile technology, is responsible for Google’s wireless platforms. He joined Google in 2005 when the search giant acquired Android, a company he co-founded and which is the basis of Google’s new smart phone operating system.

A Google spokesman, when asked about Google Ventures last week, said, “It’s a project we’re working on. But we’re not able to discuss the details right now.”

He declined to comment on any role of Miner within Google Ventures. —Alexei Oreskovic, Reuters