Hornik’s Blog Sparks Satirical Response

When blogger David Hornik, a partner with August Capital Management who frequently posts his musings on VentureBlog.com, recently complained about his busy schedule, at least one entrepreneur was aghast.

In a recent daily Web log entitled “Calendar Calisthenics,” Hornik had written that he would love to meet with new companies.

But he said he simply couldn’t muster the time because of all the endless board meetings and networking events that fill up his day.

“So it just wouldn’t be right to meet with a new company if you know your calendar doesn’t have space to do the due diligence a meeting might actually require. If only there were more hours in the day.”

To counter Hornik’s blog, an anonymous CEO who happens to be the head of a venture-backed company, offered his own humorous, interpretation of an afternoon on Sand Hill Road:

“2:30p.m. – Wow. 15 voicemails from entrepreneurs. What’s the next step?’ Why does everyone need to know what the next’ step is? I’ll tell you what my next step is… out my office door to the lunchroom. Ooo. Blackberry Odwalla. I love Blackberry Odwalla. Note to self: have wife buy See’s candy for the Office Manager who buys the juice next Christmas. Odwalla, Odwalla, Odwalla. I love Odwalla.”

Hornik says his blog wasn’t intended to sound as whiny as it did, and he thought the CEO’s satire was hilarious.

“Just another example of the perils of blogging,” Hornik says.