Houston Firefighters’ CIO to run PE after longtime LP Calnan departs

  • Linda Calnan joins insurer Sentry
  • Was longtime LP at Houston Firefighters’
  • Active with ILPA

Longtime LP Linda Calnan, a senior investment officer in private equity with Houston Firefighters Relief and Retirement Fund, left the system and joined insurer Sentry, according to sources.

Calnan updated her LinkedIn profile, which shows she left Houston Firefighters in June after more than 14 years. She ran the PE and real estate portfolios at Houston Firefighters’. Calnan previously was an investment director at Starling International Management, her profile said.

Calnan also has been active with the Institutional Limited Partners Association, as past education chairperson and on the industry-affairs committee.

Houston Firefighters’ Chief Investment Officer Ajit Singh confirmed Calnan’s departure. He said he will run the PE and real estate portfolios for now. If the workload proves too much, the system will bring on another employee to run the private portfolios.

No one from Sentry returned a request for comment.

As of June 30, 2016, Houston Firefighters’ had a 10 percent allocation to private equity. The portfolio’s fair value was about $375 million as of that date, the system’s annual financial report shows.

Action Item: Check out Houston Firefighters’ annual report: http://bit.ly/2zO34qt

Photo of Linda Calnan sourced from LinkedIn.