Imperials double hire

Bowman will be involved in evaluating and advising on the potential application of technologies and research in the biomedical industry environment, as well as advising academics on their early stage research and validation of new potential therapeutics in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology sector. The appointment will also benefit Lilly, allowing the company to identify potential business and collaborative opportunities arising at Imperial College.

The EinR programme aims to encourage and develop relationships between Lilly and key academic institutions. Lilly will not be granted any priority rights to intellectual property arising from Imperial College under this agreement.

Imperial Innovations has also appointed Russell Cummings to the board of directors as chief investment officer. Cummings joins Innovations from Scottish Equity Partners where as a director in the information technology group he was responsible for investment in high growth technology companies. He will manage the investment decision-making and review process at Innovations and will develop further the investment advisory group.

He has 19 years’ experience of venture capital and in the last five years has been, but is no longer, a director at 3i, Alta A/S, Appsense Holdings Limited, Vistorm Holdings Limited, Vistorm Limited, Surfkitchen Inc. and Zeus Technology Limited and a partner at SEP II Founder Limited Partnership and SEP III Founder Partner Limited Partnership.