Independence for LGT Capital

LGT Capital Management’s alternative investment management team has relocated to Switzerland and set up as a separate company, changing its name to LGT Capital Partners. LGT Capital Partners is a private equity and hedge fund investor and fund-of-funds manager and serves as the alternative investment manager of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein and an increasing number of other investors, mainly institutional investors and high net worth families.

Managing partner, Roberto Paganoni, says the alternative investment business was already a separate vehicle within LGT Group and has been set up as an independent company

to provide the best platform for attracting additional international investors and top investment management talent.

The original members of the team have stayed on board and the new entity retains the same investment strategy. Since LGT Capital Partners assumed independence, another four professionals have been recruited, bringing the team to 32. The firm is still looking to expand the team, with plans to bring in another seven or eight professionals.

Paganoni says there are no plans to expand internationally as yet. “We already have 14 nationalities on board with professionals that have an extensive network in the US. For the moment, we have everything covered. We will probably consider other offices, but for now we are okay.”

LGT Capital Partners currently manages over e1.7 billion in private equity assets globally and over e800 million in hedge funds. Among other vehicles, the team is also responsible for the investment management of two publicly listed investment companies in Dublin, Ireland. Castle Private Equity and Castle Alternative Invest are both listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange and on the Luxembourg stock exchange. In terms of commitments, Castle Private Equity has committed around e650 million, a third of total funds under management.