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Ingenious funds launched

The launch of Ingenious Entertainment VCT 1 and 2 follows the success of Ingenious Live VCT 1 and 2 and Ingenious Music VCT 1 and 2, which over the last few years have raised over £55m to invest in music and live events.

Ingenious will take advantage of lifestyle changes, de-regulation and technological advances in the digital arena to present attractive investment opportunities in the entertainment sector. The expansion of the digital media sector creates new markets for content creators, while much of that content is created to be exploited across multiple platforms. In addition, the UK has experienced a great deal of growth in the popularity of the live events sector, which itself is converging with other media platforms. Ingenious Entertainment VCT 1 and 2 may invest in companies operating in live events, theatre, interactive content, videogames, television, film and music rights.

Ingenious Media plc will be making a foundation investment of £1m to demonstrate its belief in the opportunities offered by the Entertainment VCTs. This is despite the fact that, as an institutional investor, it will not benefit from the tax advantages that private investors enjoy.

The VCTs will be managed by Ingenious Ventures, which has proven experience of successfully structuring, promoting and managing investment opportunities across the entertainment industry.

Commenting on the launch of Ingenious Entertainment VCT 1 and 2, Duncan Reid, commercial director of Ingenious, said:

“These VCTs will focus on those innovative projects that can exploit the huge investment potential offered by entertainment convergence. We are extremely confident of the capital growth opportunities provided by the sector, which is why we are committing £1m to the VCTs as a foundation investment.”

He added: “The success of the Ingenious Live VCTs shows the appetite to invest in the live entertainment arena, which reflects the growth in the sector in recent years. Artists and producers realise the increasing importance of the live market, in both financial and profile-generating terms, particularly given the sponsorship and advertising opportunities that they offer. The Ingenious Entertainment VCTs will continue to focus on this area, but with a greater focus on companies exploiting platform convergence.”