JAFCO Ventures Spins Into Globespan

JAFCO Ventures has operated under the corporate umbrella of Japan’s JAFCO Group since being launched in 1994, but the firm’s management has now declared its independence by reorganizing itself as Globespan Capital Partners. Boston-based Globespan, which boasts $750 million under management, describes the spin-off as part of the firm’s “natural evolution.”

But the Globespan team has not really said sayonara to its former boss. The largest venture capital firm in Japan, JAFCO has already signed on as a limited partner in a new fund being offered by Globespan, while the newly independent shop will continue to manage existing JAFCO Ventures portfolio companies and funds.

“This process really started two years ago when we raised our third fund,” says Andrew Goldfarb, executive managing director with Globespan.

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