Little Shifts Among Forbes New 400

When Forbes magazine came out with its list of 400 richest people in America, many of the usual suspects made the annual ranking. Bill Gates was No. 1 with $59 billion, while Warren Buffett placed second with $39 billion. George Soros made the top 10, ranking seventh with $22 billion (last year he was 14th with $14.2 billion). Mark Zuckerberg placed 14th with $17.5 billion, followed by Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who tied for 15th with $16.7 billion each.

Where are the private equity executives? Last year, Ron Perelman and Carl Icahn tied at 24th (both executives are listed as “leveraged buyouts”) with $11 billion each. This year they dropped but just a little. Icahn placed 25th with $13 billion, while Perelman came in at 26th with $12 billion. Stephen Schwarzman ranked 66th with $4.7 billion (he was 69th last year with $4.1 billion). Henry Kravis placed 86th with $3.7 billion, while Leon Black and Ron Burkle tied for 107th with $3.2 billion each (Black was 110th last year with $3 billion).

There was a glut of executives tying for 139th place. Carlyle co-founders William Conway, Daniel D’Aniello and the ever talkative David Rubenstein placed 139th with fortunes of $2.7 billion each. (Oprah Winfrey, for good measure, also ranks 139th with $2.7 billion.) Tom Gores came in at 159th with $2.5 billion while Wilbur Ross placed 200th with $2.1 billion (Ross was 205th last year with $1.9 billion). And David Bonderman came in at 227th with $1.9 billion.

Notable placements? Rupert Murdoch ranked 37th with $7.4 billion while Steve Jobs placed 39th with $7 billion. Mark Cuban, who was listed under “online media” and not “NBA champion,” tied at 171th with several executives including John Doerr and H. Wayne Huizenga. Sean Parker of Napster fame (but who Forbes listed under “Facebook”) came in at 200th with $2.1 billion.

(Luisa Beltran is a senior writer for peHub.)