New Haven May Search for Managers –

The roughly $400 million New Haven Employees Retirement Fund, New Haven, Conn., may search for alternative managers to diversify its manager roster, possibly as early as November, said Gwendolyn Bell, pension administrator. The board would most likely skim money from other funds and cash, she said.

New Haven does not currently have an alternative allocation, and the board has not decided on potential amounts or even whether to tap new firms.

The fund currently has eight managers, according to the 2000 Nelson’s Directory of Plan Sponsors. Back Bay Advisors handles a bond portfolio worth $26.8 million; Deutsche Bank handles a $48.1 passive equity account; Harbor Capital Management handles $44 million in a balanced account; Kennedy Capital Management handles $10.8 million in a small-cap value equity account; Morgan Stanley Dean Witter handles $33.8 million in international stocks; New Amsterdam Partners handles a $17.7 million midcap growth equity account; Oppenheimer Capital runs a $25.7 million large-cap value stock account; and Rittenhouse Advisors handles $18 million in large-cap equities.