Open for Business

Four years ago, I launched a daily email publication called the PE Week Wire. It had a development budget of $0, and about 45 minutes of forethought. In fact, my group publisher didn’t even knowit existed until a few days later. Today,the PE Week Wirehas well over 30,000 subscribers.

This website called peHUB has taken a lot more planning and also a lot more (of Daddy Thomsons) money. But its goal is the same: To be your comprehensive source for news, information and analysis of the private equity markets.

For the sake of clarity, pleasenote that my definition of private equity is quite literal: If its not listed and its not debt, its private equity. That means everything from six-figure venture capital deals through to eleven-digit leveraged buyouts.

PE Week Wire will continue to be published each morning, and I promise to keep working to make it worth your while (non-subscribers should sign up here). But that publication now only will serve as the beginning of a conversation that will carry on here at peHUB throughout the day.

peHUB also has several features that are structurally impossible to include in an email. The most obvious are the blogging gizmos like comments, voting and Digging (no, I have not made $60 million). Weve also got a Careers section, a comprehensive Events Calendar, a six-year-deep Search Archive, an Online Forum for current MBA candidates and

Vox Populi: Our exclusive roster of invited guest bloggers whose experiences span the private equity spectrum. Our initial posts can be seen on the homepage, while our growing list of contributors can be linked to above.

Ok, time to hunker down and get to work. If I do mine right, youll be able to do yours better. Wish us both luck…