Palladium Equity Partners

New York’s Palladium Equity Partners is one of the few firms that devotes most of its efforts toward capitalizing on the growing buying power and economic influence of the U.S. Hispanic population. However, despite the Hispanic leanings, outsiders wouldn’t be given any inclination as to the firm’s focus by just looking at its name.

Like a number of buyout firms, Palladium’s banner reaches back to ancient Greece, as the word was originally used to describe any statue of Pallas. There are several figures in Greek mythology with the name Pallas, and it is often used as an epithet for Athena, the Greek goddess of art, wisdom and war.

But the firm’s reason for choosing the name is multi-faceted, and extends beyond just its Greek etymology.

Palladium is also the name of a chemical element. It is a metal similar to platinum and is often used as an alloy in the production of jewelry. It is a catalyst used to bring about chemical reactions, and the firm’s partners wanted their group to be known for its strong presence and ability to foment great change.

A palladium is also a safeguard, something that stands as a protector or a barrier against danger. This too was factored into the firm’s decision in choosing its name, as it was also the intent of the group to take on the name of something that would symbolize the protection of investments and value.