PE Week Football Pool

PE Week Football Pool


Standings (# of correct picks)

1. Michael Bacevich (11)

2. Nik Shah (10)

3. Matthew Alley (9)

3. Mike Orr (9)

3. Andrew Sherer (9)

3. Jeremy Scott (9)

7. Alice Catalano (8)

7. Sherif Nahas (8)

7. Matthew Carbonara (8)


The Players


Alice Catalano is director of investor relations with Natural Gas Partners. Her favorite team is the Miami Dolphins


Nik Shah is an associate with Adams, Harkness & Hill Technology Ventures. His favorite team is the New England Patriots.


Michael Bacevich is managing director at Virgin Ventures Fund. He roots for the Cincinnati Bengals.


Mike Orr is a principal with Praxeis Merchant Partners. His favorite team is the New York Giants.


Matt Alley is an associate with the Quellos Group. He roots for the Denver Broncos.


Jeremy Scott is an investment associate with Liberty Mutual’s private equity group. His allegiences are split between the Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots.


Sherif Nahas is an investment analyst with the University of Virginia Management Co. He keeps hoping the Buffalo Bills will win a Super Bowl.