Positive outlook for European private equity

The European private equity market is brimming with confidence. The latest quarterly 3i European Enterprise Barometer Index measuring private companies’ confidence in business, political and economic climates has posted a further rise from the increase reported in Q4. The index is now at its most positive +30 across Europe, the highest since 2000 when it reached +40.

The index is now more positive in every country surveyed except Italy and Spain. Brian Larcombe, CEO of 3i, said: “It is highly encouraging that for the third consecutive quarter there is a significant improvement in business confidence. European businesses are putting growth back on the agenda for the first time in two years.”

The 3i European barometer was started in June 1998 and is compiled every quarter from the responses of a sample of 3i portfolio companies in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Nordic region.