PwC launches Menlo Park Europe

Accountancy firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) has launched Menlo Park Europe, demonstrating that it still has faith in the technology sector. The London-based centre is dedicated to providing PwC’s customers with European analysis of global technology trends and developments. The new team will build on the success of Menlo Park Technology Centre in Silicon Valley.

Bo Parker, who was previously based in the Californian Menlo Park Centre, has been appointed managing director of Menlo Park Europe. He said: “The European technology market is the most exciting in the world at the moment, particularly with an anticipated return to investment in the second half of 2002. We have markets with advanced corporate adoption of technology, well-developed wireless take-up and sufficient funding for significant growth over the next five to ten years.”

Menlo Park Europe will track and analyse the technology market and identify future trends and issues. Parker predicts the centre will advise clients including corporations, venture capital firms and fast growth businesses on venture capital funding, IPOs and M&A activity. Other services include technology due diligence and audits and advice on the application of technology.

Parker will be supported by, among others, Joseph Orlando, who joins from Motorola, Robert Marano, previously channel technology director at Riversoft, and Kevin Findlay, most recently with VC fund Antfactory. Parker believes the team’s experience will enable Menlo Park Europe to predict and foster the next stage of technology development in Europe.