Random Ramblings

The buyouts market is expected to record its third-straight year of record-breaking deal volume, according to Q3 numbers released this week by Buyouts Magazine. The first three quarters of 2006 saw U.S. firms participate in a total of 770 control-stake deals valued at $181 billion in disclosed value (including leverage), compared to $198 billion for 840 such deals in all of 2005. Moreover, Buyouts reports that there is approximately $150 billion worth of agreed-upon deals that will close either this quarter or in Q1 2007. Included in this pipeline is HCA.
As for specific Q3 2006 data, U.S. firms participated in 259 control-stake transactions valued at $56 billion. The largest was the $12 billion TDC buyout, followed by the $9.7 billion VNU deal. Buyouts Magazine subscribers can read more either at www.buyoutsnews.com, or in the October 9 print edition.