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SPES is one of the few groups that has genuine substantive private equity experience in the key financial regions (North America 24 years; Europe 22 years; Japan 22 years; and Asia 14 years). Moreover, the key management members have a combined 75 years of experience with SPES and are still leading the business, making this wealth of cumulative experience available to today’s clients.

Allied to this continuity of senior management is continuity of institutional ownership. Schroders plc entered the private equity fund management business in 1983, in response to demands from its institutional investors for access to this asset class. Initially, Schroders acted as sponsor, general partner, manager and advisor (i.e. all participants were employees). However, the advisory teams quickly formed their own autonomous groups and gradually over a period of time, the “traditional” structure emerged. Now all of the original advisory teams own and operate their respective private equity businesses, the highest profile of which is the successful European team now branded as Permira.

Schroders plc, a leading independent global asset manager (with total funds under management exceeding $250 billion), provides insight into the challenges faced by the fund management industry, as well as a helpful perspective in addressing the specific needs of the private equity management and administration business. Its broad contact with regulators in more than 20 countries adds a helpful understanding of regulatory changes and their potential impact on the private equity industry. Furthermore, it provides compliance and disaster recovery infrastructures that allow us to reassure our clients that we can deliver on our obligations. The institutional support provided by Schroders plc, combined with operational independence, enable the SPES management team to develop the business in the best interests of our clients.

Some of the benefits behind SPES:

• Accessibility: fully-integrated, 100% web-based systems available 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year.

• Customised solutions: each client may select the services it requires from our extensive service offering.

• Geographic spread: with staff based in Bermuda and Guernsey, we can operate and manage fund vehicles and structures in most jurisdictions. Among the most popular are: Delaware, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Cayman and the British Virgin Islands.

• Operational experience: we are adept at managing funds investing into the United States and Canada, South America, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, Japan, China, India and other Asian countries.

• In-house US tax reporting team: the IRS is forever present and the most efficient way to meet our investors’ demands is through our in-house team of CPAs.

To summarise, our clients gain access to an experienced team focused on private equity, which can manage funds investing in the key geographic areas of the private equity landscape. Lessons learned from harsh economic times and adverse government actions have been built into our corporate culture and operating procedures, all of which help our clients beat the competition and avoid expensive and potentially damaging mistakes. Our clients take comfort knowing that their fund management and administration is in good hands, which allow them to focus on what they do best – managing investments.

Schroders Private Equity Services

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