Scoreboard 10-28-02

Recently Announced Venture Capital Deals

Issuer Round Close Round # Amount (M) Lead Investors
IGreen Border Technology Inc. Mountain View, CA Software to ensure data integrity for computing environments 10/23/2002 2 $12.0 Labrador Ventures; Texas Pacific Group; Sevin Rosen Funds Inc. New York Online shopping search engine 10/23/2002 6 $3.0 BV Capital; Bain Capital
Design2Launch Inc. Stamford, CT Software for collaborative product visualization 10/23/2002 1 $2.5 1 to 1 Ventures LP; Next Generation Ventures LLC; Endeavor Capital Management
IPC Inc. North Hollywood, CA Physician services, management and information systems 10/22/2002 5 $15.5 BA Venture Partners; Bessemer Venture Partners; CB Health Ventures LLC; Morgenthaler Ventures
Konarka Technologies Lowell, MA Innovations in solar energy 10/22/2002 2 $13.5 Ardesta; Draper Fisher Jurvetson; Eastman Chemical Co.; ChevronTexaco Venture Equities LLC
Envara Palo Alto, CA Develops wireless LAN chip sets 10/22/2002 2 $6.5 Challenge Fund – Etgar; Gemini Capital Fund Mgmt; Evergreen Canada Israel Investments; Giza Venture Capital
Oasis Technology Ltd Toronto E-payment software for financial institutions 10/22/2002 3 $5.0 ABN AMRO Private Equity; VenGrowth Capital Funds; HarbourVest Partners LLC
Transcan Medical Ltd Migdael HaEmak, Israel Breast cancer detectors 10/22/2002 1 $2.5 Denali Ventures LLC
LaserSight Inc. Winter Park, FL Laser scanning systems for refractive surgery 10/22/2002 1 $2.0 Shenzhen Venture Capital Co.
Natspears Ltd Ramat Gan, Israel Cancer-killing drugs 10/22/2002 1 $0.4 Biomedical Incubator Rad-Ramot Ltd
Alsius Corp. Irvine, CA Neurobiological circulatory support system equipment 10/21/2002 12 $29.1 MPM Capital; New Enterprise Associates; Mayfield Fund; U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray Ventures
Elogex Inc. Charlotte, NC Internet company enabling collaborative commerce 10/21/2002 5 $17.0 Fenway Partners Inc.
PureEdge Solutions Victoria, BC Secure XML e-forms solutions for government 10/21/2002 1 $9.8 Bank of Montreal; GrowthWorks Capital; RoyNat Capital; Business Development Bank of Canada
Data Domain Inc. San Mateo, CA Data backup and recovery storage appliance solutions 10/21/2002 2 $9.3 Greylock; New Enterprise Associates
CambridgeSoft Corp. Cambridge, MA Desktop software, enterprise solutions and consulting services 10/21/2002 1 $3.2 Edison Venture Fund
Netifice Communications Inc. Norcross, GA Fully managed IP-Virtual Private Network 10/18/2002 6 $8.0 Boston Millennia Partners; HIG Capital Management; Columbia Capital Group Inc.; Dolphin Equity Partners
Intelligent Results Bellevue, WA Enterprise products and services for unstructured documents 10/18/2002 3 $5.0 Undisclosed Investor
Natural Convergence Inc. Ottawa Web enabled IP Voice solutions 10/18/2002 3 $1.2 Business Development Bank of Canad; Desjardins; Jefferson Partners
Ember Corp. Boston Wireless embedded networking platform 10/17/2002 5 $20.0 Draper Fisher Jurvetson; Polaris Venture Partners; GrandBanks Capital; RRE Ventures LLC; Stata Venture Partners
Apriso Corp. Long Beach, CA Integrated plant floor and warehouse solutions 10/17/2002 6 $2.1 SAP America Inc.
Elbasa Barcelona, Spain Manufactures printed multilayer circuitboards 10/16/2002 1 $2.1 3i Group PLC
Iteration Software Inc. Mountain View, CA Real-time reporting and information delivery solutions 10/15/2002 2 $10.0 Canaan Partners; Crosspoint Venture Partners
Savvion Inc. Santa Clara, CA Products and services for e-business management 10/15/2002 3 $5.0 Walden International
Nephros Therapeutics Inc. Lincoln, RI Treatment of acute and chronic kidney failure 10/15/2002 6 $0.8 North Coast Technology Investors LP
IXI Mobile Inc. Palo Alto, CA Wireless devices and services 10/14/2002 6 $15.0 Draper Fisher Jurvetson; TI Ventures; Gemini Capital Fund Mgmt Ltd.; TLcom Capital Partners Ltd.
Spatial Wireless Richardson, TX Wireless software switches 10/14/2002 3 $10.0 Austin Ventures LP; Genesis Campus; Dali, Hook Partners; Sequoia Capital
Zilliant Inc. Austin , TX Software that provides strategic price sensitivity information 10/14/2002 4 $1.5 Austin Ventures LP; GE Equity; DB Capital Partners; Trellis Partners
Sucampo Pharmaceuticals Inc. Bethesda, MD Develops new classes of pharmaceuticals 10/11/2002 2 $4.5 Diamond Capital; Mizuho Capital Co.
Aloha Networks San Francisco Wireless telecommunications services 10/11/2002 6 $4.0 Draper Fisher Jurvetson
CapitalStream Inc. Seattle Business automation software for the financial industry 10/10/2002 4 $10.0 Banc of America Equity Partners; Mobius Venture Capital; Benaroya Capital Co.; Merrill Lynch Venture Capital
InterSymbol Communications Champaign, IL Broadband integrated circuit technology 10/10/2002 3 $1.0 Intel Capital; Venture Investors Management LLC
SCTYL Online World Security SA Barcelona, Spain Software security solutions 10/10/2002 1 $1.0 Riva y Garcia
eProject Inc. Seattle Communication management software 10/9/2002 1 $3.7 Pinpoint Venture Group; Vault Capital
AudioAudit Paramus, NJ Realtime marketing feedback and analysis 10/8/2002 1 $9.0 Polaris Venture Partners; Ridgewood Capital Management LLC
Nomadix Inc. Westlake Village, CA Facilitates operations for broadband ISPs 10/8/2002 5 $7.0 AvTech Ventures; Intel Capital; Mellon Ventures Inc.; Keystone Venture Capital Management Co.
BigBand Networks Inc. Redwood City, CA Manufactures Broadband Multimedia-Service Routers 10/8/2002 4 $3.0 AOL Time Warner Investments
PalmSource Inc. Sunnyvale, CA Software for handheld computers 10/7/2002 1 $20.0 Sony Corp.
Vormetric San Jose, CA Wire speed storage encryption 10/7/2002 2 $10.0 Sigma Partners; Vanguard Ventures
Seranoa Networks Inc. Concord, MA Telecom platform incorporating opitcal software 10/7/2002 4 $9.2 Advent International Corp.; Schoffstall Ventures; FA Technology Ventures; St. Paul Venture Capital Inc.
FundsXpress Inc. Austin, TX Online banking solutions 10/7/2002 5 $5.0 Texas Growth Fund Management; Warburg Pincus LLC
Commodio Inc. Kfar-Sava, Israel Human-computer interaction technology 10/7/2002 1 $3.0 Comverse Technology
Codexis Inc. Redwood City, CA Commercializes technologies for pharmaceuticals 10/4/2002 1 $25.0 CMEA Ventures; Pequot Capital Management Inc.; ChevronTexaco Venture Equities LLC
Robinson Healthcare Ltd. Chesterfield, UK Animal healthcare products 10/4/2002 2 $10.5 Royal Bank Development Capital
Carmichael Training Systems Inc. Colorado Springs, CO Web-based coaching, product advice and endurance sports info 10/4/2002 1 $3.2 Gefinor Ventures; Northstar Capital Ltd.
Pilgrim Software Inc. Tampa, FL Internet-based management software 10/4/2002 1 $2.1 Stonehenge Capital Corp.
LURHQ Corp. Myrtle Beach, SC Managed security monitoring 10/4/2002 1 $2.0 Frontier Capital LLC
Automotive Technik Ltd. Guildford, UK All-terrain military vehicles 10/4/2002 1 $1.9 Close Venture Management
NetGear Inc. Santa Clara, CA Networking products for small businesses 10/3/2002 4 $20.0 Comerica Ventures
CSR Cambridge, UK Integrated circuits for single-chip short range radios 10/3/2002 5 $19.0 Scottish Equity Partners Ltd
HyperRoll Inc. Santa Clara, CA Technology for aggregation of data elements 10/3/2002 2 $12.5 Denali Venture Capital; Vertex Management; Greylock; Sequoia Capital
Artesia Technologies Inc. Rockville, MD Internet publishing infrastructure software services 10/3/2002 4 $11.0 Warburg Pincus LLC
eSilicon Corp. Sunnyvale, CA Integrated circuits for electronics companies 10/3/2002 6 $10.0 Crosspoint Venture Partners; TPG Ventures; Fremont Partners
MicroMed Technology Inc. Houston Diagnostic products 10/3/2002 7 $3.8 CE Unterberg Towbin; Charterhouse Group International Inc.; Cicerone Capital do Brasil; Datascope