Scoreboard 10-29-01

Recently Announced Venture Capital Deals

Issuer Round Close Round # Amount (M) Lead Investors
TolerRX Inc. Cambridge, MA Therapies for immunological tolerance 10/24/01 3 $17.0 Healthcare Ventures LLC; Rho Ventures; Skyline Ventures; Vertex Management
Avaki Charlottesville, VA Grid operating systems 10/24/01 3 $16.0 General Catalyst Group LLC; Polaris Venture Partners; Sofinnova Ventures
Global Locate San Jose, CA GPS technologies for wireless devices and networks 10/24/01 1 $12.0 Undisclosed Venture Investor  
FatWire Corp. Mineola, NY Content management and Web application solutions 10/24/01 2 $10.0 EuclidSR Partners ; Newlight Associates; TopSpin Partners; Wheatley Partners
Cogent Communications Inc. Washington, DC Internet access for commercial business 10/23/01 3 $62.0 Broadview Capital Partners; Jerusalem Venture Partners; Oak Investment Partners
IQNavigator Denver, CO Electronic broker services for the IT industry 10/23/01 3 $20.0 Baker Capital Corp.; Hillman Company; Sequel Venture Partners
Metabasis Therapeutics Inc. San Diego, CA Biopharmaceuticals 10/23/01 2 $19.2 InterWest Partners; MPM Capital; Sprout Group
US Labs Inc. Irvine, CA Anatomic pathology laboratory 10/23/01 12 $15.0 ABS Ventures; Accel Partners; Highland Capital Partners
WildCard Systems Fort Lauderdale, FL Web-based software applications and payment systems 10/23/01 4 $14.5 Sutter Hill Ventures  
KVault Software PLC Reading, UK Software and services for Internet management 10/23/01 2 $12.8 Cazenove Private Equity; Lehman Brothers; Mosaic Venture Partners
CR2 Ltd. Dublin, Ireland Internet banking software 10/23/01 2 $7.5 ACT Venture Capital Ltd.; GIMV NV; NIB Capital Private Equity NV
Exenet Technologies New York, NY Application service provider 10/23/01 3 $6.5 Adams Street Partners; CIBC Capital Partners; Telecom Partners
Privia Inc. New York, NY Enterprise-wide program management 10/23/01 1 $5.5 Benchmark Capital; Venture Strategy Partners  
ALFY Inc. New York, NY Internet and other interactive services for children 10/23/01 3 $5.0 CORAL Ventures  
Artifact Entertainment Mesa, AZ Software for multiplayer entertainment titles 10/23/01 2 $4.5 Undisclosed Venture Investor  
DigitalDeck Corp. Redwood City, CA Provides networking software 10/23/01 1 $4.5 T.V.P. Associates  
Lytek Corp. Phoenix, AZ Lasers for data-communication 10/23/01 2 $3.8 Intel Capital; Wasatch Venture Fund  
Atto Instruments Rockville, MD Advanced analytical microscopy technology 10/23/01 1 $3.0 Emerging Technology Partners LLC  
RSC Technology AB Stockholm, Sweden Home connectivity and Internet access 10/23/01 1 $1.7 Swedish Industrial Development Fund  
Bradken Waratah, NW Foundry and heavy engineering 10/22/01 1 $94.4 Castle Harlan Australian Mezzanine Partners Pty Ltd.  
Scion Photonics Inc. Milpitas, CA Optical communication components 10/22/01 2 $33.0 Integral Capital Partners; Tyco Capital  
Axxima Pharmaceuticals AG Martinsried, DE Pharmaceuticals for the medical industry 10/22/01 2 $27.5 Bear Stearns Health Innoventures; HBM BioVentures AG; Heidelberg Innovation
Ardana Bioscience Ltd. Edinburgh, UK Commercial research for women’s health 10/22/01 3 $20.0 3i Group PLC; ABN AMRO Corporate Investments; Merlin Biosciences; Mitsubishi Corp.
Kirusa Inc. Berkeley Heights, NJ Infrastructure company 10/22/01 2 $1.2 DB Investor; Innovacom; Silicon Alley Seed Investors
Emageon Solutions Inc. Birmingham, AL Internet-based technologies for the e-health industry 10/22/01 5 $10.0 Aurora Funds Inc.; Delta Capital ManagementParadigm; Venture Partners L.P.; Southeastern Technology Fund
ElekSen Ltd. Iver Heath, UK Microelectronics 10/22/01 2 $8.5 3i Group PLC; Frontier Capital LLC; MVI Sverige AB; Siemens Venture Capital GmbH
Vesta Technologies Sao Paolo, Brazil Infrastructure solutions for e-commerce 10/22/01 1 $6.4 BancBoston Capital/BancBoston Ventures  
Intellispace Inc. New York, NY Broadband Internet access 10/22/01 4 $5.0 Halpern, Denny & Co.  
U3 Pharma AG Martinsried, DE Therapies for cancer treatment 10/22/01 1 $4.5 Alta Partners; BioM AG; Medicis AG
NEC Eluminant Technologies Inc. Chantilly, VA Systems for the passive optical network 10/19/01 1 $26.0 Itochu Corp.  
UIEvolution Inc. Bellevue, WA Software tools for wireless computer games 10/19/01 1 $7.7 Ignition Corp.; Nissho Iwai Corp.  
InterScope Technologies Inc. Pittsburgh, PA IT consulting, design, and implementation 10/19/01 3 $3.2 Birchmere Ventures Inc.; Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds  
Smarthaven Amsterdam, Neth. Internet-based knowledge management 10/19/01 3 $1.3 NIB Capital Private Equity NV  
Sphera Corp. Warren, MA Software to automate Web-hosting services 10/18/01 2 $15.0 CSK Venture Capital Co.; Gemini Capital Fund; J.P. Morgan Capital Corp.; Jerusalem Venture Partners
NersIntranode Sevigne, France French Internet application service provider 10/18/01 2 $6.3 Gemplus SCA; Innovacom; SPEF Banques Populaires
Esmertec AG Dubendorf, Switzerland Java virtual machines and real-time operating systems 10/18/01 1 $6.1 Earlybird Venture Capital; Partners Group  
Demos Paris, France Professional training and e-learning 10/18/01 1 $4.2 Initiative & Finance Gestion; Natexis Investment Corp.; PAI Management
Brivo Systems Inc. Arlington, VA Digital networks that link remote assets and products 10/18/01 2 $2.0 Duchossois TECnology Partners LLC  
National Credit Group Inc. Plainview, NY Internet business credit reporting services 10/18/01 1 $2.0 B2B-Hive LLC  
Bedstat Atlanta, GA Web-based patient placement for hospitals 10/18/01 2 $0.8 NextStart Capital  
Digital Fountain Inc. Fremont, CA Content delivery systems 10/17/01 4 $20.0 Adobe Systems Inc; British Telecom; Cisco Systems; Granite Ventures LLC; Macrovision Corp.
Iridigm Display Corp. San Francisco, CA Flat panel displays for mobile devices 10/17/01 1 $13.0 DynaFund Ventures; Ideo Ventures; Intel Capital; Technology Associates Management Corp.
deNovis Inc. Lexington, MA Financial transaction platform for the medical industry 10/15/01 3 $43.8 3i Capital Corp.; Advanced Technology Ventures; Audax Group; Bain Capital
Danger Inc. Palo Alto, CA Wireless Internet solutions 10/15/01 4 $36.0 Diamondhead Ventures L.P.; Orange Ventures; Redpoint Ventures; SOFTBANK Venture Capital
Coriolis Networks Inc. Boxborough, MA Metro optical products 10/15/01 3 $32.0 Bessemer Venture Partners; Columbia Capital; EnerTech Capital; New Enterprise Associates
Wightlink Ltd. Portsmouth, UK Ferry services 10/15/01 2 $30.4 RBS Mezzanine Ltd.  
Celoxica Abingdon, UK Digital programming language applications 10/15/01 2 $30.0 Advent Venture Partners; Cazenove Private Equity; Intel Capital; Quester Capital Management Ltd.
Moneybox Corp. Ltd. London, UK Manuf_ctures, installs and maintains ATMs 10/15/01 2 $20.6 Apax Partners & Co. Ventures Ltd.; Sand Aire Private Equity Ltd.
Virtela Communications Inc. Greenwood Village, CO Enhanced IP service provider 10/15/01 3 $18.0 Juniper Networks; New Enterprise Associates; Norwest Venture Partners; Palomar Ventures Inc. Campbell, CA Digital publishing infrastructure technology 10/15/01 2 $18.0 Warburg Pincus LLC