Scoreboard 12-09-02

Recently Announced Venture Capital Deals

Issuer Round Close Round # Amount (M) Lead Investors
GCT Semiconductor San Jose, CA Develops and markets innovative integrated circuit solutions 12/4/2002 3 $38.0 3V Source One Venture Funds; Pequot Capital Management Inc.; Hermes Private Equity Management Ltd.
2Wire Inc. San Jose, CA Broadband products 12/4/2002 5 $27.5 Doll Capital Mgmt; INVESCO Private Capital; Pilgrim Baxter; Granite Ventures LLC ; Oak Investment Partners
Optinel Systems Inc. Elkridge, MD Optical networking for the cable television industry 12/4/2002 5 $19.6 Birchmere Ventures Inc.; Court Square Ventures LLC; Four Seasons Venture Capital AS; New Vantage Group
OneCopy Inc. Nashua, NH Designs software for linking scan functionality of digital copiers 12/4/2002 2 $15.8 Canon Inc.
VetCentric Inc. Annapolis, MD E-commerce infrastructure for the veterinary industry 12/4/2002 7 $14.5 Asset Management Co. Venture Capital; Sherbrooke Capital Partners; Aurora Ventures; Three Arch Partners
US Labs Inc. Irvine, CA Diagnostic information for the screening and treatment of cancer 12/4/2002 13 $13.0 ABS Capital Partners; Highland Capital Partners
SkinMedica Carlsbad, CA Provides dermatology products 12/4/2002 1 $9.0 Domain Associates; Windamere Venture Partners LLC
InPhase Technologies Inc. Longmont, CO High capacity holographic storage technology 12/4/2002 3 $6.3 New Venture Partners LLC; Newton Technology Partners
TriVirix International Inc. Chapel Hill, NC Electronic instruments for the medical industry 12/3/2002 9 $25.0 Frontier Capital LLC; MDS Health Ventures Inc.; Grotech Capital Group; Morgan Stanley Venture Partners
Renal Solutions Inc. Pittsburgh Dialysis products and services for renal failure patients 12/3/2002 1 $14.7 Birchmere Ventures Inc.; Draper Triangle Ventures LP; Blue Chip Venture Co.
Integrated Development Enterprise Inc. Concord, MA Enterprise software 12/3/2002 7 $13.2 Dominion Ventures Inc.; Flagship Ventures; Tudor Ventures; HarbourVest Partners LLC
Fractus S.A. Barcelona, Spain Multiband antenna technology 12/3/2002 2 $8.3 3i Group PLC; Apax Partners & Co. Ventures Ltd.
ISOPur Fluid Technologies Inc. Cheshire, CT Fluid purification solutions 12/3/2002 1 $8.0 FA Technology Ventures; Siemens Venture Capital GmbH
Pinpoint Networks Inc. Cary, NC Customized search solutions for portals 12/3/2002 6 $6.0 Intel Capital; New Enterprise Associates
Dexterra Bothell, WA Enterprise software 12/3/2002 1 $6.0 Sigma Partners
Roving Software Inc. North Waltham, MA Direct marketing e-mail software 12/3/2002 4 $4.5 Commonwealth Capital Ventures; Longworth Venture Partners; Hudson Venture Partners; Morgan Stanley Venture Partners Santa Clara, CA Business-to-business online source for logo merchandise 12/3/2002 7 $4.0 Alloy Ventures; Band of Angels; Charter Venture Capital; Alpine Technology Ventures; Crescent Capital Investments Inc.
FreeBalance Ottawa Applications for governments to deliver information over the Web 12/3/2002 5 $3.0 Innovatech Grand Montreal; TechnoCap Inc.
Amedis Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Cambridge, UK Applies radical technologies to improve the impact of drugs 12/3/2002 3 $3.0 Avlar BioVentures Ltd.; TTP Venture Managers; Merlin Biosciences Ltd.
Tarari Inc. San Diego Content processig hardware and software for network security 12/3/2002 2 $2.0 Miramar Venture Partners; XML Fund
BuildLinks Inc. Raleigh, NC Web-based collaboration software tools 12/3/2002 1 $2.0 Southeast Interactive Technology Funds; ideaEdge Ventures LLC
Buzz-VC Ltd. Tirat Hacarmel, Israel Manufactures hardware and software for surveillance systems 12/3/2002 1 $0.8 Undisclosed
Liberata Plc. Beaconsfield, UK Business process outsourcing services 12/2/2002 1 $93.4 General Atlantic Partners LLC
Renovo Ltd. Manchester, UK Scar-prevention treatments 12/2/2002 5 $32.7 Atlas Venture; JPMorgan Partners; Care Capital LLC; Odlander Fredrikson & Co.
Am-Beo Galway, UK Rating, billing and partner reconciliation software 12/2/2002 4 $12.5 ACT Venture Capital Ltd.; Intel Capital; Advent Venture Partners
CBYON Inc. Mountain View, CA Surgical navigation systems and software 12/2/2002 7 $8.6 Alloy Ventures; Charter Venture Capital; Mitsui & Co.; Asset Management Co. Venture Capital
Similarity Systems Dublin, UK Data quality management software 12/2/2002 2 $2.0 AIB Group; HotOrigin; Delta Partners; ION Equity Ltd.
Edeal Toronto Online auctions for businesses and consumers 12/2/2002 2 $1.3 J.L. Albright Venture Partners
Plastic Logic Ltd. Cambridge, UK Plastic circuits for mass applications 11/26/2002 4 $3.8 Bank America Capital Investors; Yasuda Enterprise Development Co.
Communications Ltd. Limerick, Ireland Real-time multimedia streaming software 11/26/2002 2 $1.2 ICC Venture Capital
Sygate Technologies Inc. Fremont, CA Networking and security technologies 11/25/2002 2 $17.5 CIR Ventures; Trident Capital; MVC Capital; Trinity Ventures
Lambda Technologies Inc. Morrisville, NC Capital equipment and process development 11/25/2002 6 $9.3 Intersouth Partners
Branders Promotional Products Inc. Foster City, CA Promotional solutions for the retail industry over the Internet 11/25/2002 5 $5.0 Altos Ventures; Doll Capital Management; Discovery Ventures; Menlo Ventures
Talkway Communications Fremont, CA Operates as a video service provider 11/25/2002 6 $3.0 Asset Management Company Venture Capital
PerformanceRetail Inc. Austin, TX Performance management services to the convenience store industry 11/25/2002 4 $5.0 Lighthouse Capital Partners
OpTun Ltd. Haifa, Israel Optical switching components 11/24/2002 3 $9.5 Benchmark Capital; Infineon Ventures GmbH; Delta Ventures
Active Reasoning Inc. Palo Alto, CA Resource management software 11/22/2002 2 $2.3 ComVentures
FastMobile Inc. Schaumburg, IL Instant communication services for mobile consumers 11/22/2002 1 $4.0 BlueStar Ventures LP; Leo Capital Holdings LLC
Infiniti Solutions Pte Ltd. Singapore Semiconductor test and assembly services 11/21/2002 1 $36.0 3i Group PLC; EDB Investments Pte Ltd.
Songbird Hearing Inc. Cranbury, NJ Disposable hearing aids 11/21/2002 7 $20.0 BA Venture Partners; Perennial Ventures; Investor AB; Prism Venture Partners
Acorn Cardiovascular Inc. Saint Paul, MN Devices for the treatment of congestive heart failure 11/21/2002 5 $20.0 Bessemer Venture Partners; Spray Venture Partners; CSFB Private Equity; NEA; Johnson & Johnson Development Corp.
Altea Therapeutics Tucker, GA Noninvasive methods for drug delivery through the skin 11/21/2002 1 $17.0 Domain Associates L.L.C; vSpring Capital; Venrock Associates
Colibrys SA Neuchatel, Switzerland Industrial MEMS products 11/21/2002 2 $10.0 Banexi Ventures Partners; Intel Capital; Banque Cantonale Vaudoise Private Equity
Nanosphere Inc. Northbrook, IL Systems for detecting bio-molecules such as nucleic acids 11/21/2002 1 $10.0 Lurie Investment Fund
ESBATech AG Zurich, Switzerland Functional genomic technologies for identification of target genes 11/21/2002 3 $2.7 Venture Incubator AG Inc. Troy, NY Standardized parametric search and specification system online 11/21/2002 6 $2.0 Warburg Pincus LLC
Elliptic Semiconductor Kanata, ON Wireless Local Area Network semiconductor products 11/21/2002 1 $0.5 Venture Coaches
Gestion Arnold Gauthier Inc. St. Anaclet, QU Transportation services 11/21/2002 1 $0.2 Investissement Desjardins
GeneCraft Inc. Seattle Biopharmaceuticals 11/20/2002 1 $13.6 ARCH Venture Partners; ATP Capital; Frazier & Co.
NextGig Inc. San Diego Database network equipment 11/20/2002 2 $10.0 ComVentures; El Dorado Ventures; Doll Capital Management
Solena Group Washington Operates renewable clean energy plants 11/20/2002 1 $10.0 Hydro-Quebec CapiTech Inc.; OPG Ventures Inc
Encover Inc. Mountain View, CA Service Sales Automation software 11/20/2002 2 $6.0 Imlay Investments; Sigma Partners