Scoreboard 2-17-03

Recently Announced Venture Capital Deals

Issuer Round Close Round # Amount (M) Lead Investors
Galileo Genomics St-Laurent, QU Disease-susceptible genes in common human diseases 2/12/2003 4 $3.3 Undisclosed Investor
Synergia Pharma Inc. San Francisco Drugs for the prevention of migraines 2/12/2003 1 $2.0 MPM Capital
Lombardi Software Inc. Austin, TX Sells software suites 2/11/2003 3 $13.0 Austin Ventures L.P.; Sanders Morris Harris; Palomar Ventures
Diatos SA Paris Drugs used in the treatment of cancer 2/11/2003 4 $7.0 Credit Lyonnais
AxioMed Spine Corp. Willoughby, OH Implant solutions that restore the native motion of the spine 2/11/2003 1 $2.8 CID Equity Partners; Primus Venture Partners Inc.
3ware Inc. Mountain View, CA Data storage, security and management for Internet applications 2/11/2003 6 $1.4 New Enterprise Associates; VantagePoint Venture Partners
Aravo Solutions San Francisco Enterprise software to integrate small and mid-sized suppliers 2/11/2003 4 $1.0 Angels’ Forum & The Halo Fund; B3 Ventures
Starent Networks Corp. Tewksbury, MA Datacom equipment 2/10/2003 3 $23.0 Highland Capital Partners; North Bridge Venture Partners; Matrix Partners; Samsung Electronics
Altair Filter Technology Ltd. Alton, UK Air filtration and silencing systems 2/10/2003 1 $22.8 Gresham Trust PLC
Sistina Software Inc. Minneapolis Linux storage management software solutions 2/10/2003 3 $10.0 Crescendo Venture Management LLC; Validus Partners LLC; St. Paul Venture Capital Inc.
AgraQuest Inc. Davis, CA Markets environmentally friendly pesticides 2/10/2003 8 $9.4 BioAsia Investments LLC; SAM Equity Partners Ltd.; Otter Capital LLC
Pedestal Software Inc. Newton, MA Enterprise solutions for auditing and enforcing system-security 2/10/2003 1 $5.3 Venrock Associates
VirtualScopics LLC Pittsford, NY Advanced image-based biomarker analytic technology 2/10/2003 2 $3.8 Trillium Capital Partners
AVChem Inc. Saint Charles, MO Chemical management services provider to the aerospace industry 2/10/2003 2 $2.4 Gateway Associates L.P.
Penbase Labege Innopole, France Database management software for mobile devices 2/9/2003 3 $0.5 Belgacom Multimedia Ventures; m-Brussels Management
Gala Group Ltd. Nottingham, UK Bingo clubs 2/7/2003 4 $894.3 Candover Investments PLC; Cinven Ltd.
Intuit K.K. Tokyo Financial management packaged software 2/7/2003 1 $79.0 Undisclosed Investor
MindMatters Technologies Inc. Canonsburg, PA Software that is designed to enhance workplace collaboration 2/7/2003 4 $1.2 Future Fund; Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds
Eblana Photonics Ltd. Dublin, Performance enhanced lasers for high speed optical communications 2/6/2003 2 $4.9 ACT Venture Capital Ltd.; TLcom Capital Partners Ltd.
Vendaria Inc. Seattle Provides content services for consumer shopping. 2/6/2003 2 $2.3 FBR CoMotion Venture Capital
CashWorks Inc. Dallas Technology solutions for the financial services industry 2/5/2003 1 $5.0 Capital Southwest Corp.
Xora Inc. Mountain View, CA Wireless and speech-enabling data applications 2/5/2003 2 $4.0 WITSoundview Ventures- Dawntreader Funds
Qpass Inc. Seattle Business software for wireless carriers 2/5/2003 8 $2.0 Granite Global Ventures
CashEdge Inc. Milpitas, CA Financial management solutions 2/4/2003 3 $5.0 CIBC Wood Gundy Capital
Masor Robotics Ltd. Nesher, Israel Medical applications 2/4/2003 1 $3.0 Johnson & Johnson Development Corp.; Shalom Equity Fund; ProSeed Venture Capital Fund
Candera Inc. Milpitas, CA Storage solutions 2/4/2003 4 $2.5 AsiaTech Management; Hotung International Co. Ltd.
RSS Solutions Inc. Waterloo, ON Planning and scheduling software for businesses 2/4/2003 1 $1.6 Undisclosed Investor
Calix Networks Inc. Petaluma, CA Makes products that accelerate fiber-based service deployment 2/3/2003 5 $50.0 Azure Capital Partners; Kinetic Ventures LLC; Redpoint Ventures; Integral Capital Partners; Meritech Capital Partners
Rackable Systems Inc. San Jose, CA High-density server and storage solutions 2/3/2003 1 $21.0 Parthenon Capital Inc.
Savantis Systems Lexington, MA Switch-based database server 2/3/2003 2 $12.0 Highland Capital Partners; Sigma Partners; STAR Ventures
Cryptek Inc. Sterling, VA Communications products for the government 2/3/2003 4 $10.0 Walden International; Westbury Partners
Icera Semiconductor Corsham, UK Electronic processors 2/3/2003 1 $10.0 Atlas Venture; Benchmark Capital
Touch ‘N’ Glo Ltd. Coventry, UK Intelligent electronic touch control light switches 2/3/2003 1 $0.8 Bridges Community Ventures Ltd.
Danger Inc. Palo Alto, CA End-to-end wireless Internet solutions 2/1/2003 3 $35.0 Meritech Capital Partners; Redpoint Ventures; Mobius Venture Capital; Softbank Capital Partners
Fosroc Mining Tamworth , UK Chemicals manufacturer fo the mining industry 1/30/2003 1 $23.6 Close Brothers Private Equity
IndX Software Corp. Aliso Viejo, CA Internet-enabled information solutions 1/30/2003 4 $7.5 First Analysis Corp.; Sanders Morris Harris; Marwit Capital LLC; Siemens Venture Capital GmbH
Time Industrial Dallas Outsourced management services 1/30/2003 3 $2.0 Mosaic Venture Partners
WaterCove Networks Inc. Chelmsford, MA Convergent switching products for wireless marketplace 1/29/2003 3 $20.0 Bessemer Venture Partners; Orange Ventures; Charles River Ventures; Sprout Group
WaterCove Networks Inc. Chelmsford, MA Convergent switching products for wireless marketplace 1/29/2003 3 $20.0 Bessemer Venture Partners; Orange Ventures; Charles River Ventures; Sprout Group
RBN Inc. San Francisco Carrier-class optical transport and switching products 1/28/2003 4 $11.0 Allen & Buckeridge Pty Ltd.; Optical Capital Group; Macquarie Technology Ventures
AgION Technologies Wakefield, MA Engineered antimicrobial solutions 1/28/2003 1 $10.5 Paladin Capital Management LLC
Topio Inc. Menlo Park, CA Next-generation data replication and disaster recovery solutions 1/28/2003 1 $10.0 Sequoia Capital; Sigma Partners
Courion Corp. Framingham, MA Provides self-service identity management software. 1/28/2003 4 $9.0 QuestMark Partners LP
HelloSoft Inc. San Jose, CA Communication solutions for converged networks 1/28/2003 2 $7.0 Acer Technology Ventures; Sofinnova Ventures; Jump Start Venture Fund
Perlegen Sciences Inc. Mountain View, CA Genetics researcher 1/27/2003 2 $30.0 CMEA Ventures; Eli Lilly & Co.; SB Life Science Equity Mgmt.; CSK Venture Capital Co. Ltd.; Maverick Capital Equity Partners
UDEX Ltd. Newport, UK Online construction and product exchange 1/27/2003 3 $4.9 3i Group PLC; Northbridge Ventures Ltd.; HSBC Private Equity Ltd.
Visible Diagnostics N/A Biotechnology 1/27/2003 1 $4.4 A/S Dansk Erhvervsinvestering; Novi A/S; Malmohus Invest AB; Oresund-Healthcare A/S
Centive Bedford, MA Software for automating enterprise incentive compensation 1/27/2003 5 $18.0 BancBoston Ventures; Infinity Capital LLC; Dow Chemical Co.; Polaris Venture Partners
Faroe Petroleum Ltd. London Oil exploration business 1/27/2003 1 $11.4 3i Group PLC
RITA Medical Systems Inc. Mountain View, CA Minimally invasive devices to treat solid cancerous tumors 1/27/2003 7 $9.0 Baystar Capital LLC
AirNet Communications Corp. Melbourne, FL Wireless infrastructure designer 1/27/2003 10 $6.0 SCP Private Equity Partners L.P