Scoreboard 4/30/01

Recently Announced Venture Capital Deals

Issuer Round Close Round # Amount (M) Lead Investors
Clustra Inc. Oakland, CA Computer database systems 4/25/01 2 $19.0 Clarity Capital; Mustang Ventures; VantagePoint Venture Partners
TheBrain Technologies Corp. Santa Monica, CA B-to-b Internet portal 4/25/01 2 $16.0 Accenture Technology Ventures; Angel Investors; GE Equity; Ridgestone Corp.; Thomas H. Lee Putnam
Job Partners London, UK Internet-based recruitment campaign 4/25/01 2 $15.8 Cisco Systems; Gilde Investment Management
BitFlash Graphics Inc. Gloucester, ON Technical image viewing products 4/25/01 2 $15.5 Nesbitt Burns; Skypoint Capital Corp.; VenGrowth Capital Funds; Working Ventures Canadian Fund
Axcelerant Inc. Irvine, CA Secure broadband networks 4/25/01 1 $10.0 Riordan, Lewis & Haden
Voltaire Advanced Data Security Ltd. Bedford, MA Secure Internet connectivity solutions 4/25/01 2 $7.3 Concord Venture Management; Polaris Venture Capital; Tamir Fishman Ventures Kirkland, WA Web-based solutions for manufacturers 4/25/01 2 $6.0 Alexander Hutton; Greenstone Venture Partners New York, NY Web site translation services 4/25/01 1 $2.5 DB Investor; Pennell Venture Partners
New Edge Networks Vancouver, WA Internet access services 4/24/01 4 $77.5 Accel Partners; Crosspoint Venture Partners; Greylock; First Union Capital Partners; Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Rearden Steel Technologies Inc. Palo Alto, CA Home entertainment tech products 4/24/01 1 $67.0 AOL Time Warner Investments; Barksdale Group; Cisco Systems; Macromedia Ventures; Mayfield Fund
Two Way TV Ltd. London, UK Interactive television games 4/24/01 1 $17.0 Scandia Investment
Vectura Ltd. Bath, UK Provides drug delivery services 4/24/01 2 $15.1 AIM Private Equity Fund; Merlin Biosciences; Friends Ivory & Sime; Northern Venture Managers Waltham, MA Online marketplace for derivatives 4/24/01 2 $15.0 Matrix Partners; OneLiberty Ventures; Sigma Partners
Cortologic AG Berlin, Germany System components for speech processing 4/24/01 2 $14.3 Apax Partners & Co.; Earlybird Venture Capital
Logilent Learning Systems Lafayette, CA Internet-based technology training 4/24/01 7 $14.0 Compass Technology Partners; Mellon Ventures; Novus Ventures; Sigma Partners; iMinds
Mediapps Paris, France E-business software publishing services 4/24/01 5 $13.4 AGF Private Equity; Advent Venture Partners; PAI management; Partech International
Wintegra Inc. Austin, TX Fabless semiconductors 4/24/01 1 $11.0 Concord Venture Management; Texas Instruments; Magnum Communications
SimStar Internet Solutions Princeton, NJ Internet communications services 4/24/01 2 $9.0 Catterton Partners; MC Capital
Access CoverageCorp Inc. Charlotte, NC Internet-based business insurance technology 4/24/01 1 $8.0 Capital Z Financial Services Fund II; Launch Center 39
Wavegen Ltd Inverness, UK Power production from ocean waves 4/24/01 1 $7.2 3i Group PLC; Merrill Lynch Capital Partners
Tunable Photonics Corp. Altadena, CA Tunable laser communications components 4/24/01 1 $7.0 Blueprint Ventures; Forrest Binkley & Brown
Calendra Aubagne, UK Internet software products 4/24/01 3 $5.5 3i Group plc
Streaming Media Australia Melbourne, NW Streaming media software services 4/24/01 1 $3.4 Deutsche Asset Management; Newport Capital Group; UBS Capital
Digital Reliance Denver, CO Software for managing wireless accounts 4/24/01 1 $2.5 Megunticook Management; iSherpa
Mspect Inc. Sunnyvale, CA Mobile application monitoring system 4/24/01 2 $2.0 Atlas Venture
Atheros Communications Inc. Sunnyvale, CA Wireless LAN chipsets and software 4/23/01 3 $66.7 August Capital Management; Bowman Capital; Foundation Capital; Mitsubishi; Levensohn Capital
B2emarkets Inc. Rockville, MD Web-enabled strategic e-sourcing solutions 4/23/01 2 $38.0 Accenture Technology Ventures; CIBC Capital Partners; FBR Technology Ventures; Syncom Management Co.
Mobilian Inc. Hillsboro, OR Develops wireless communication chips 4/23/01 2 $35.0 Bessemer Venture Partners; Dell Ventures; JAFCO Ventures; Raza Foundries; SBV Venture Partners
MetaTV Sausalito, CA TV solutions for businesses 4/23/01 2 $28.0 Comcast Interactive Capital; Cox Communications; Redpoint Ventures; Rosewood Capital
Digiquant A/S Roskilde, Denmark Software developer for internet providers 4/23/01 3 $20.0 Cisco Systems; General Atlantic Partners; Index Ventures; Vertex Management
NTH Orbit Sunnyvale, CA Software for supply-chain collaboration 4/23/01 1 $7.0 Sequoia Capital
Millennium Care Toronto, ON Service chain automation firm 4/23/01 1 $1.9 VenGrowth Capital Funds
Lorantis Cambridge, UK Biotech research 4/20/01 3 $16.5 Abingworth Venture Management; J.P. Morgan Partners; Quester Capital Management; Schroder Ventures
DemoGraFX Santa Monica, CA Video compression technology 4/20/01 1 $10.0 Baker Capital Corp.
Cleanwise Marlborough, MA Supply-chain management and consolidation 4/20/01 3 $5.0 Insight Capital Partners LLC
Atelier de l’Innovation Paris, France Business incubator 4/20/01 1 $3.7 Individual Investors Portland, OR Streaming audience measurement services 4/20/01 2 $3.0 FBR Technology Venture Partners
Lycium Networks Ltd. Ra’anana, Israel Transmission of voice & data 4/20/01 1 $2.0 Benchmark Capital
WeSpot AB Lund, Sweden Smart image surveillance sensors 4/20/01 1 $1.9 CR&T Ventures; Malmohus Invest; SEB Foretagsinvest
Shellcase Jerusalem, Israel Chip-scale packaging for semiconductors 4/19/01 2 $20.0 Ampal-American Israel Corp ; Motorola; Israel Infinity Fund
Clearwire Holdings Arlington, TX Wireless Internet access provider 4/19/01 1 $97.0 Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Novazyme Pharmaceuticals Inc. Oklahoma City, OK Biotherapies for lysosomal storage disorders 4/19/01 2 $16.0 Healthcare Ventures; MSDW; Perseus
Symagery Microsystems Ontario, Canada Imaging camera modules 4/19/01 1 $12.8 VenGrowth Capital Funds
SigmaTel Inc. Austin, TX Custom mixed-signal integrated circuits 4/19/01 3 $11.3 Battery Ventures, Corp; Invesco Private Capital; TeleSoft Partners
Switchouse Inc. San Francisco, CA Online entertainment item exchange 4/19/01 2 $7.0 Technology Crossover Ventures
Miotec Oy Espoo, France Information security cards 4/19/01 1 $6.8 3i Finland Oy (FKA SFK Finance)
Appilog Tel Aviv, Israel Enterprise software for systems 4/19/01 1 $4.0 Delta Ventures; Poalim Capital Markets Technologies
Cheng Power Systems Inc. Mountain View, CA Technology to improve output and efficiency 4/19/01 1 $3.5 Saw Mill Capital
VirtualSelf New York, NY Information management platforms 4/19/01 1 $2.0 Telecom Italia Ventures