Scoreboard 9-30-02

Recently Announced Venture Capital Deals

Issuer Round Close Round # Amount (M) Lead Investors
MetaTV Inc. Mill Valley, CA Develops servers, platforms and TV portals solutions 9/25/2002 5 $21.0 Atrium Capital ; Cox Communications Inc.; Comcast Interactive Capital; Hearst Corp.
EMT London Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence software 9/25/2002 1 $7.0 Ventures West Management Inc.
Zinio Systems Inc. Brisbane, CA Content delivery system. 9/24/2002 4 $8.4 Apax Partners Inc.; Argosy Partners; Ideo Ventures; Intel Capital; New Enterprise Associates
Cardion AG Erkath, Germany Gene therapy and vascular disease products 9/23/2002 4 $11.3 Deutsche Venture Capital GmbH; Gold-Zack AG; IKB Venture Capital GmbH; Mulligan BioCapital AG
Supply Solution Inc. Santa Barbara, CA Internet supply chain management 9/23/2002 5 $9.5 Enterprise Partners; Sprout Group; Sigma Partners
netDecide Falls Church, VA Internet-based management platforms 9/23/2002 5 $6.5 BA Venture Partners; Ernst & Young LLP; Dominion Ventures Inc.; Legg Mason Wood Walker
Touch EMAS Ltd. Edinburgh, UK Manufactures prosthetic arms 9/23/2002 1 $0.1 Undisclosed Venture Investor
Ista Pharmaceuticals Inc. Irvine, CA Contact lens maker 9/21/2002 12 $40.0 Investor Growth Capital Inc.; Sprout Group; Sanderling Ventures
Encelle Inc. Raleigh, NC Products for use in human tissue regeneration 9/21/2002 6 $4.0 Intersouth Partners; North Carolina Enterprise Fund, L.P.; Koerner Capital
Knovel Inc. Norwich, Conn. Database of engineering reference materials 9/21/2002 1 $2.6 Himalaya Capital; Silicon Alley Venture Partners LLC
Alexza Molecular Delivery Corp. Palo Alto, CA Pharmaceutical company 9/20/2002 1 $45.0 Alloy Ventures; CMEA Ventures; New Enterprise Associates; Burrill & Co.; Frazier & Co.
ITS Networks Marbella, Spain Telecom services 9/20/2002 1 $10.0 Undisclosed Venture Investor
Sightward Inc. Bellevue, WA Develops next generation prediction technology Internet software 9/20/2002 5 $2.5 Northwest Venture Associates Inc.
INational Surgical Care Chicago Ambulatory surgery centers 9/19/2002 1 $75.0 Brazos Private Equity Partners LLC; JPMorgan Partners
CombinatoRx Inc. Boston Identifies non-obvious combination pharmaceuticals 9/19/2002 4 $40.0 Adams Street Partners LLC; BioVentures Investors; CDIB Venture Capital Co. Ltd.; Canaan Partners
Cellgate Inc. Sunnyvale, CA Increase the solubility of a drug 9/19/2002 4 $10.0 Healthcare Ventures LLC; New Enterprise Associates; Johnson & Johnson Development Corp.
Accelerated Encryption Processing Ltd. Bray, UK Intergrated circuits for conducting secure transactions 9/19/2002 3 $7.8 ACT Venture Capital Ltd; Enterprise Ireland
Tridium Inc. Richmond, VA Web-enabled, automation software infrastructure 9/19/2002 2 $5.0 Marubeni Corp.; kRoad Ventures
Yodlee Inc. Redwood City, CA Personal account information Web site 9/17/2002 6 $24.0 Accel Partners; Warburg Pincus LLC
Neuro3D SA Mulhouse, France Medication used to treat diseases of the Central Nervous System 9/17/2002 2 $19.4 Apax Partners & Co. Ventures Ltd.; Sofinnova Partners; Odlander Fredrikson & Co.; TVM Techno Venture Mgmt
Sierra Logic Inc. Roseville, CA Semiconductor developer 9/17/2002 2 $12.0 InterWest Partners; TPG Ventures; JPMorgan Partners; Quantum Technology Partners
M7 Networks Inc. La Jolla, CA Mobile infrastructure hosting company 9/17/2002 2 $9.5 CIR Ventures; Highland Capital Partners; Genevest; Redpoint Ventures
NewWorldIQ Saratoga, CA Marketing solutions 9/17/2002 2 $7.5 eVerger Investments Ltd
Centerstone Software Inc. Westwood, MA Internet Workplace Solutions 9/17/2002 2 $1.8 Corning Capital; Egan-Managed Capital; MTDC Ventures
Panasas Inc. Fremont, CA Storage solution 9/16/2002 3 $32.0 The Carlyle Group; Centennial Ventures; Evercore Ventures Inc.; Intel Capital
ITF Optical Technologies Ville de St-Laurent, QU Photonic components for the telecommunication industry 9/16/2002 3 $25.0 BayTech Venture Capital; Ontario Teachers Pension Plan; Celtic House International; GTI Capital Inc.
Bitfone Corp. Laguna Niguel, CA JAVA-based Web reformatting engine software 9/16/2002 2 $19.0 3i Capital Corp.; CIR Ventures; Nexit Ventures Oy
TriCN Inc. San Francisco Semiconductors 9/16/2002 1 $4.5 Rocket Ventures; Trinity Ventures
Nanomix Inc. Emeryville, CA Computer-related components and nanostructures 9/16/2002 5 $9.0 Apax Partners Inc.; Sevin Rosen Funds
AirPrime Carlsbad, CA Manufactures wireless CDMA data modules 9/16/2002 4 $6.2 LibertyView Equity Partners SBIC; Qualcomm Ventures; Omninet Capital LLC; Parker Price Venture Capital Inc.
Magis Networks Inc. San Diego CA Wireless home networking chipset 9/16/2002 5 $5.0 Elwin Capital Partners
Ovation Products Corp. Nashua, NH Small-scale water distillation systems 9/16/2002 2 $5.0 Telemark Group
Seventh Wave Technology, Inc. Alpharetta, GA Management Service Provider 9/16/2002 3 $1.0 Jemison Investments; Miller Investments; Southeastern Technology Fund
BroadLogic Inc. San Jose, CA Broadband communications equipment 9/15/2002 4 $10.8 August Capital Management; Cisco Systems Inc.; Intel Capital; Presidio Venture Partners LLC
Spectel Dublin, Ireland Supplies voice and data conferencing solutions 9/12/2002 1 $14.7 Investcorp
Skylight Corp. Atlanta Banking solutions for those without bank accounts 9/12/2002 2 $12.8 GTCR Golder Rauner LLC; The Walnut Group
EPCGlobal Frederick, MD Online staffing services 9/12/2002 1 $11.0 LDC