Scoreboard 9-9-02

Recently Announced Venture Capital Deals

Issuer Round Close Round # Amount (M) Lead Investors
Construction Software Technologies Inc. West Chester, OH Online construction information for contractors 9/4/2002 1 $5.5 Chrysalis Ventures; River Cities Capital Funds
Waveset Technologies Inc. Austin, TX Software that enables B2B online interaction 9/3/2002 4 $13.0 AV Labs; Austin Ventures L.P. Lightspeed Venture Partners; Origin Partners
ePartners Inc. Irving, TX eBusiness software for emerging middle market 9/3/2002 9 $10.0 Austin Ventures L.P.; Texas Growth Fund Management; Capital Resource Partners
Axerra Networks Inc. Boca Raton, FL Internet Protocol producer 9/3/2002 2 $10.0 TLcom Capital Partners Ltd.
TomoTherapy Inc. Madison, WI Develops precise radiation technology 9/3/2002 5 $9.0 Endeavor Capital Management
Divergence Inc. Saint Louis Genetic codes of parasitic nematodes 9/3/2002 2 $3.0 Prolog Ventures LLC
Les Chais Beaucairois Beaucaire Cedex, France Wine producer 9/2/2002 1 $23.0 Duke Street Capital
BitBand Technologies Ltd. Tel Aviv Develops appliances for broadband IP networks 9/1/2002 1 $6.0 Fantine Group; Kardan Group; Sequoia Capital
Color Kinetics Boston Digital lighting producers 8/29/2002 3 $17.0 Individuals
u-Nav Microelectronics Irvine, CA Products for the wireless communications market 8/29/2002 3 $10.0 Danske Private Equity A/S; iSherpa Capital; Shelter Capital Partners LLC
Icode Inc. Chantilly, VA Software solutions 8/29/2002 1 $4.0 Updata Venture Partners
TekConnect Cherry Hill, NJ Computer integration services 8/29/2002 2 $3.0 Undisclosed Investor
LaGarde Inc. Lawrence, KS Business applications software for the Internet 8/29/2002 1 $0.5 Kansas Technology Enterprise Corp.
Galileo Genomics St-Laurent, Canada Gene research 8/14/2002 3 $3.5 Investissment Dejardins, HBM BioVentures AG,; MVI Sverige AB, Bio Fund of Finland
Arxan Technologies Inc. Wheaton, IL Network security software 8/14/2002 1 $3.0 Trident Capital
NuVox Communications Inc. Chesterfield, MO Integrated communication and application services 8/13/2002 5 $66.0 BA Venture Partners, Boston Millennia Partners, ; Centennial Ventures, Flagship Ventures, GE Equity
Nobex Corp. Durham, NC Drug delivery systems 8/13/2002 7 $35.0 AEA Investors, Odlander Fredrikson & Co.
Annie’s Homegrown Wakefield, MA Operates a natural and organic food brand 8/13/2002 1 $20.0 Solera Capital
Adjuvantix Ltd. Sheffield, UK Vaccine research 8/13/2002 2 $0.4 Aberdeen Murray Johnstone Private Equity
Corixa Corp. Seattle Cancer treatments 8/12/2002 7 $45.0 BA Venture Partners, Frazier & Co., InterWest Partners, ; JPMorgan Partners, KBL Healthcare Ventures
RLX Technologies Inc. The Woodlands, TX Server platforms 8/12/2002 2 $15.0 ComVentures, First Dallas Group, Ignition Partners, ; Soros Fund Management, Sternhill Partners
Nextance Inc. Redwood City, CA Intellectual property management 8/12/2002 3 $10.6 21VC Partners, El Dorado Ventures, Onset Ventures
PictureIQ Seattle, WA Digital imaging technology 8/12/2002 4 $6.0 Digital Partners, Granite Venture Capital Corp., Granite Ventures
Ecutel Inc. Alexandria, VA Mobile Internet communications software 8/12/2002 2 $4.5 Updata Venture Partners
ParinGenix Charlotte, NC Drug development 8/12/2002 1 $4.0 Academy Funds, Research Corp. Technologies
Sentori Inc. Laurel, MD Billing and customer care services 8/12/2002 2 $3.0 Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds; STI Ventures
Iontas Ltd Inishowen, UK Performance management solutions 8/12/2002 2 $0.6 Mentor Capital Partners
Xillix Technologies Corp. Richmond, Canada Cancer detection 8/9/2002 1 $10.0 Business Development Bank of Canada, GrowthWorks Capital
Photogen Technologies Inc. New Hope, PA Biotechnology 8/8/2002 1 $16.2 Medical Imaging Innovation & Investments, New England Partners, Oxford Bioscience Partners
Protiva Biotherapeutics Inc. Burnaby, Canada Drug development 8/8/2002 2 $3.5 Bio FutureFund, Business Dev Bank of Canada, Growth, Works Capital, Kinetic Ventures, MDS Health Ventures
Artech S.A. Paris Business intelligence software 8/8/2002 2 $2.9 La Compagnie Financiere Edmond de Rothschild, Part’Com Management S.A., Wellington Partners
A.M.T Yehuda, Israel Markets non-equilibrium solid state materials 8/6/2002 1 $5.0 Elron Electronic Industries
MCA Solutions Philadelphia Provides enterprise software solutions 8/6/2002 1 $4.0 Battery Ventures L.P, Longworth Venture Partners L.P.
Cassium Technology Ltd. Twickenham, UK Business process enabled intranet and extranet solutions 8/6/2002 1 $1.6 Bamboo Investments PLC, Close Venture Management
Digital Insurance Atlanta Online insurance brokerage services 8/6/2002 3 $1.5 Internet HealthCare Group
Wificon Technologies Oy Helsinki, Finland Management software for broadband Internet use 8/6/2002 1 $1.5 3i Group PLC
Juniper Financial Wilmington, DE A consumer-credit card company and bank 8/5/2002 4 $50.0 CIBC Bank, CIBC Resourcing
Flamenco Networks Alpharetta, GA Self-contained XML transport network for the Web 8/5/2002 3 $7.4 Cordova Ventures; Noro-Moseley Partners, Flagship Ventures
Qlusters Tel Aviv Produces a linux-based clustering software solutions 8/5/2002 1 $6.2 Benchmark Capital
RealVue Simulation Technologies Inc. Austin, TX Custom simulation software to the commercial industry 8/5/2002 1 $5.0 SI Ventures, WaldenVC
Inmedius Inc. Pittsburgh Enterprise software solutions for maintenance environments 8/5/2002 1 $5.0 Stonewood Capital Management Inc.
InterSymbol Communications Champaign, IL 8/5/2002 2 $4.0 CID Equity Partners; Telecommunications Development Fund