Recently Announced Venture Capital Deals

Issuer Category Round # Amount (M) Lead Investors
Artielle ImmunoTherapeutics Inc. Portland, Ore. Researching autoimmune disease technology for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Company was spun out of Virogenomics Inc. Artielle’s technology is licensed from Oregon Health & Science University. Of the $11M funding, $4M was advanced in a first closing. The remaining $7M will be advanced upon achievement of specified milestones. Bio tech A $11.0 Sanderling Ventures (led), Tenex Greenhouse, Northwest TechnologyVentures, UV Partners.
ReShape Inc. Mountain View, Calif. Provides chip-level design automation. Investor Bay Area Equity Fund is managed by J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. ReShape has raised $31M in funding since its 1997 inception, including a $12M Series B deal in 2002 at a PMV of about $30M. Chips C $12.0 American River Ventures (led), Bay Area Equity Fund, New Enterprise Associates, Canaan Partners.
Kotura Inc. Monterey Park, Calif. Provides opto-electronic products for the optical communications industry. Company has raised more than $57M since 1998, including a $9M infusion in July 2001 at a PMV of $117M. Board members include Patrick Ennis of ARCH. Kotura’s first product, the UltraVOA, was launched in February. Comm D $11.0 ComVentures, ARCH Venture Partners.
Sonics Inc. Mountain View, Calif. Develops communication subsystems to connect intellectual property cores, using enhanced system-on-a-chip. Company has raised $52M to date, including a $25M infusion in March 2002 at a PMV of $63M. Comm D $10.0 Easton Hunt Capital Partners, Smart Technology Ventures, TL Ventures, Toshiba Corp.
RelayHealth Corp. Emeryville, Calif. Provides online doctor-patient communication services. Company has raised more than $55M since 1999, including a $13M infusion in late 2001 at a PMV of $30M. Health Care E $10.0 Conning Capital Partners (led), Venrock Associates, U.S. Venture Partners, Lilly Ventures, SI Venture Management.
Accumetrics Inc. San Diego Makes medical diagnostic instruments and disposables. Company has raised $50M since 1996, including a $10M infusion in early 2000 at a PMV of $103M. Med Tech F $6.5 Essex Woodlands Health Ventures, KB Partners, PTV Sciences, Telegraph Hill Partners.
Aethon Inc. Pittsburgh Has developed a robotic pilot-less delivery and hauling system for use in hospitals. Company has raised $12M since 2000. CEO Aldo Zini was previously head of sales and marketing for VC-backed Automated Healthcare, which developed a robotic medication system for hospitals, and which was acquired by McKessonHBOC in 1996 for $65M. Med Tech C $7.0 Ascension Health Ventures, Draper Triangle Ventures, Pacific Venture Group, Salix Ventures.
OraMetric Inc. Richardson, Texas Provides technology solutions for orthodontic care. Company has raised $47M since 1999, including more than $10M in 2004 and a $25M infusion in early 2001 at a PMV of $34M. Previous investors include Brentwood Venture Capital, CenterPoint Venture Partners, Rho Ventures and STAR Ventures. Round closed in mid-June. Med Tech D $5.0 CORAL Ventures, undisclosed venture investor.
BigBand Networks Inc. Redwood City, Calif. Provides a network of platforms for video, voice and data services. Company has raised more than $100M in VC since 1999, including a $15M infusion in early 2003. Geoff Yang of Redpoint and Santo Politi of Charles River Ventures are among the board members. Networks F $25.0 Charles River Ventures, Meritech Capital Partners, Evergreen Investments, Pilot House Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, Time Warner Ventures.
Nanostellar Inc. Menlo Park, Calif. Develops nano-composite catalyst solutions, for use in clean energy applications. David Aslin, partner with 3i, will join the board. The individual investors, Frank Marshall, former VP of Cisco Systems Inc., and William Miller, prior chairman of Borland Software, were both seed investors. Nano A $3.0 3i, individual investors.
Guardium Inc. Waltham, Mass. Provides database security solutions. See story, page 5. Security B $5.0 Cedar Fund (led), Veritas Venture Partners, Stage One Ventures.
Q1 Labs Inc. Waltham, Mass. Provides network security. Company has raised nearly $30M since 2001. See story, page 5. Security C $11.0 Globespan Capital Partners, Menlo Ventures, Polaris Venture Partners, BDC Venture Capital, New Brunswick Investment Management Corp.
SmartTime Software Framingham, Mass. Provides workforce management solutions. Funding amount for Series B was undisclosed. Company raised $10M in 2001 form General Atlantic Partners. Software NA $0.0 Baird Venture Partners (led), Zon Capital Partners.
Vcommerce Corp. Scottsdale, Ariz. Makes Web authoring software for retailers to operate in multiple channels. Company has raised $70M from @Ventures, Benchmark Capital, Pequot Capital Management and other investors since 1999, including a $21M infusion in late 2000 at a PMV of $221M. Software E $3.5 Individual investors.
S2io Inc. Cupertino, Calif. Provides high-speed server and storage I/O solutions. Company has raised $42M since its 2001 inception. Storage C $15.0 JAFCO Ventures (led), Menlo Ventures, VenGrowth Capital Partners, BDC Venture Capital.
Full90 Sports Inc. San Diego Provides head protection for soccer players. Tech A $7.0 Aperture Venture Partners.
Kenet Inc. Reading, Mass. Develops analog mixed-signal products for portable communication devices. Company has raised $17M since 2002. Tech B $10.0 Oak Investment Partners (led), Venrock Associates, Kopin Corp., CP Group.
TransDimension Irvine, Calif. Provides USB conenctivity for embedded applications on PC peripheral and mobile devices. Earlier this year, the company raised an $11.6M Series C (led byGKM Ventures). Proceeds from the Series D financing were used to acquire the assets of ARC International’s Peripheral Connectivity business. Tech D $6.8 VantagePoint Venture Partners (led), iSherpa Capital.
Zenodata Corp. Louisville, Colo. Develops database to analyze land record data for the real estate industry. Company has raised more than $27M to date. Tech B $10.5 Adams Street Partners (led), New Enterprise Associates, Austin Ventures, Sequel Venture Partners.
Navini Networks Inc. Richardson, Texas Provides wireless broadband technology. Company has raised $115M since 2000. See story, page 5. Wireless D $30.0 Lehman Brothers Venture Partners (led), Austin Ventures, Granite Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Sternhill Partners.
RaySat Inc. McLean, Va. Provides satellite antennas. See story, page 5. Wireless A $10.0 Benchmark Capital (led), Seed Partners.
Wireless Services Corp. Bellevue, Wash. Provides outsourced wireless communications services . Wireless B $8.5 Ignition Partners (led), SeaPoint Ventures, Madrona Venture Partners, Northwest Venture Associates.