Smedvig Capital

Smedvig Capital, the London-based private equity company active in development capital for growth businesses, has announced the appointment of Sean Uprichard as CEO of portfolio company SUSO Drinks. This appointment follows shortly after Smedvig’s investment of £4m into the UK’s newest entry into the soft drinks market.

Uprichard arrives at SUSO from Coca-Cola, where he founded and led the team behind Relentless, its rapidly growing energy drink, which has reached a turnover of £15m in just over two years. He joins a team including chairman Harry Drnec, previously CEO and chairman of Red Bull UK, and COO Andrew King, formerly CEO of PJ Smoothies, now part of Pepsi-Co. Prior to his success at Relentless, Uprichard performed key roles at L’Oreal and before that at Unilever,