Tech tour to boost entrepreneurship

The European Tech Tour Association (ETT) is preparing for its most recent tour set to boost entrepreneurship in England. The English Tech Tour which is taking place from 30 June to 2 July will provide innovative and upcoming technology companies with the opportunity to meet and network with a select group of 60 senior professionals from leading blue chip technology corporations, venture capitalists, advisors, investment banks, and corporate advisors.

ETT holds tech tours in the following countries: Switzerland, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Spain, France, Scotland, Holland, Norway, Israel, Switzerland, Italy and Denmark.

The association’s main aim is to identify up and coming high growth privately held technology companies in England and to introduce them to key European, US and Asian investors and professionals who can assist in their global expansion.

For delegates, the Tech Tour is a good platform to gain first hand knowledge of a selection of England’s most advanced high-technology companies.

The association is inviting young, innovative and ambitious companies looking to expand globally to take advantage of the presence of industry leaders and investors.